Jul. 30th, 2010

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So the past few weeks have been such a wild ride, I finally get a chance to step off and look back, and my head still spins.

So we all know that I am getting divorced... a week before that I got laid off. I do finally qualify for unemployment, which is great... but doesn't pay for everything.


I was getting quite depressed, not wanting to get out of bed at one moment, wanting to drive off to an unknown destination the next. My roommates have been awesome and supportive in all of this, which is more than I could have ever asked for. I was dragged off to a gay bar one night to dance and forget about things, which was fun. I even had a guy come talk to me, but he was gay, so boo. Lots of eye candy though.

I was even taken to a sex club....

OH MY GOODNESS.... was it interesting. I was more voyeuristic than anything, a bit out of my element because everything was so public. Everything was cool until I bumped into someone that I knew... I shouldn't have been so weirded out, but the push to be someone completely different with the shock of familiarity sent me into a mini panic-attack, so we had to leave.

And this past weekend just gets wilder...

My roommate's ex lives up in Monroe and I had been needing to get out and relax. She suggests that I pick up a friend of hers here in Seattle, then we'll head out to a winery and relax a bit. Sounds like fun, so I agree.

Friday afternoon comes, and I hear nothing from the friend. Turns out that she just broke up with her guy and they were fighting all night. She wasn't feeling well enough to go up to Monroe. Pooh.

"No matter! Why don't you just come up? We can find something to do!" Me loving being in the woods and away from all civilization figured that would work. So I grab my stuff and head up.

We hang out for a bit, nom on some wonderful cheese and begin to watch a movie. When she gets a phone call.

"Hey Andrea, my geeky friends I told you about a few weeks ago are having a party, you up for it?"

Kinda feeling it, but not really wanting to be social with a bunch of people I don't know, I agree to it anyway. Maybe I'll meet a few folks that I can nerd out with.

We show up and holy crap... it's an SCA (medieval) event! I've always wanted to check it out, so I'm sure everyone could see the sparkly double rainbow above my head as I looked around and fought between my insecure/quiet side and my free/crazy side I've just recently re-discovered.

Long story short, I end up staying all weekend, watching/listening/laughing... and blushing. I was reminded this weekend that there are people out there that won't spend all their time nitpicking my faults and telling me what I should do, and just want to have a good time. Something I needed for such a very long time. Though I should tell myself that I am awesome and whatnot, but sometimes being reminded by a perfect stranger does a good injection of ego.

So the weekend ends, and it's time to go home. I'm driving my car, I hear a *CLUNK* and the engine dies. It's not just dead, it is locked up.

Turns out I must have hit something because there's a HUGE ASS crack in the transmission. Scary thing is, just to replace the tranny would run upwards of $10,000 (!!!), which I definitely don't have. AND until they replace the transmission, they can't even test the engine to see if it's still good.

Luckily, since it looks like I hit something, it will be covered under collision. I'm just playing the waiting game now to see if they're going to repair or total out.

Then two nights ago... I see that a band that I enjoy called Great Big Sea is playing at the Woodland Park Zoo. Finding this past personal freedom inside of me I said What the hell! I'll go!

Haven't had this much fun at a concert in FOREVER. I dressed up as a gypsy stealing stuff from my mom's bellydancing costumes, and danced the night away. It was incredible.

So that brings up to today, which is finally a day I can sit down and look back and see all the crazy/fun things I've done. I'm shocked that I was so afraid to actually go out and risk making a fool of myself, when the outcome can be so wonderful and fulfilling.

I wonder what's in store for next week!


Jul. 30th, 2010 04:36 pm
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Realized I'm going up to Canadia tomorrow! The adventure never stops!!!


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