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Sep. 18th, 2010 02:13 am
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So not sure if I've mentioned it here before... but I've recently gone rabid for the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

I've attended a few heavy fighter practices so far and really enjoyed watching, only hoping that I could sometime join... but money has been so tight, there's no even THINKING about building/purchasing armor.

One friend I've made had some extra pieces from an old armor kit of his and he is bigger than me, so this stuff might actually fit!

I've had to do a few small modifications, but so far things are going really well. I have almost everything I need now to get started,so it looks like in about 3 weeks or so I will be out there, "whackin' people with sticks" :P

Front of the cuirass. There are two straps going horizontal that join the two front sides together. One strap was gone and the other was broken. The rivets holding them in were peened, so I had to cut them off which was freaking hard!... but I did it!

Back of the cuirass. I had to take out the rivets holding the buckle straps on the body of the cuirass off and lower them about 3 inches.

Beginning of a rattan sword. Heilyn planed it for me. I carved the handle and began to tape it up. Just has packing tape with fiberglass strands through it.

Cuisses. These only require a small modification. The legs are a titch long, so when I kneel, the back of the cuisses dig into my knee. This will be fixed easy just by cutting the end off.

Ok... nerdgasm over. Return to what you were doing....

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Cute cute cute! I have a lot of friends in SCA. I know I don't have the funds or time to devote to something like that, but I like knowing that it exists.


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