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I feel poetry surging inside of me, spilling forth so fast I cannot catch and bring to words. What I have is still quite raw, but if I continue to write, I'm sure I'll gain back what I lost.

Another part of my essence I am rebuilding.

Here's one I came up with on the fly, only about 10 minutes worth of work, but the best writers/poets write daily, and not everything has to be great. I think I can manage entries every other day. Hopefully in a few months I'll have a small collection to look back on and see how I have progressed.

Dont' mind my rambling, just basking in the afterglow of a wonderful, eye opening evening.

NOTE: This isn't written to anyone in particular. In fact, it envelops quite a few people that I have met in my life.


Your face was as the stars
Bright with wonder and glittering with amazement
But hid your tenebrous secrets
My hopes, snarled in a web of lies
broke my spirit, grounded me
I beseeched you for guidance
my eyes never straying from you
You continued to look away in lassitude
My shortcomings weighed heavily, my back breaking
You convinced me I was the sinner, nay, the sin
I cried myself endlessly to sleep, wishing
that I could become the woman you so desired

No more.

My time is no longer yours to squander
My wings have mended
I have flown free of your snare

I soar overhead once again




For someone who truly deserves my devotion
Someone who loves me for who I am
And accepts my imperfections for what they are
Never shall I return to your abhorrent nest
The distant echo of my falcon's cry
is all you'll have left of me
to remember what you tossed aside as broken



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