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So hey, what up?

Been a while, eh?

Seems like I keep saying this. I disappear for so long, and then remember that just posting on Facebook does not constitute keeping my life updated.

Life, as it stands right now, is pretty good. Just small things left and right popping in to aggravate the hell out of me, but now those events that would normally send me into fits of crying and screaming now just get a chuckle and a shrug, or an animated "stomping temper tantrum" for the entertainment of those around me.

I've noticed more and more often that I've become even more forgetful. It really started since my car accident. I mean, I was pretty forgetful to begin with, but it has dramatically increased these past few years.

Before you ask, yes, I'm still taken, and very happy with the fact. It's amazing once you find the right person and barriers you thought impenetrable come crashing down. Still dealing with a lot of both good and bad barriers, but lately it's been mostly good. Some very VERY good, and quite surprising.

I've gone from extreme socialite, to cutting down what I do and who I do it with. I've tried hard to not feel the pangs of guilt by turning down offers to hang out, and come to the full realization that my time truly is MY time. That, and the fact I need to buckle down and prepare to live on my own again. Living with my folks at the moment has been a blessing, but driving to and from work in Ballard and home in Kent really kills my wallet in gas. Eric has been amazing in letting me spend the night at his place often during the week to save on gas, but my pets are lacking in the love and attention I use to lavish upon them.

I have found one place that's two bedrooms for $950 a month. Talking with a coworker/friend to see if she's interested in moving there together. This won't happen until after Christmas, but it's still a small step forward.

Other than that, just taking small bits of time here and there to rediscover and rebuild myself. Finding songs that once embarassed me to to play around others I now relish in sharing my insanity with them. I've even put bells on my shoes this year. A small percentage of the time I have to fight the urge to rip them off of my feet because I draw so much attention to myself with my silliness, but then I remind myself the reason why I put them on in the first place.

It makes me happy.

Why, as adults do we put so much taboo on things we used to think of as fun? To give up and ignore those small things that made us giggle and grin ear to ear and endure the drudgery that is of growing up? Isn't there still room to enjoy those little things and be a grown adult?

What are your thoughts?

on 2010-12-06 03:12 pm (UTC)
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It's good to see you doing well! *hugs*

I've done everything I can to try to avoid "growing up". I still play video games, I still play with Legos, and I still screw around with friends (and co-workers) as much as possible. Part of me just enjoys it, and another part of me is scared of losing that fun-loving part of myself.

Thankfully, both parts agree that taking a few days of vacation for the Cataclysm release is an excellent use of my vacation time. :D


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