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Husband just notified me that there's a roller derby in Monroe tomorrow that his friend will be the ref.

We couldn't get a discount but my hubby bought us two tickets to go and see it.

Nothing could be more fun than a bunch of women, on rollerskates, beating the loving crap out of eachother.

I'm so freakin' excited!
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Drive was beautiful, ride on the ferry was absolutely gorgeous. When we got there, however, Jake couldn't get the key to turn in the ignition to get off the boat. The ferryman came over and was getting upset that we weren't moving. It's an issue we have with the new car keys, so my hubby gets out to get the spare hidden key, and without asking, the ferryman jumped in our car and started cranking as hard as he could on the wheel and ignition. Now there's a rattling in the wheel when he turns it. Oh and the ferry cost over 65 bucks... Yowza.

So the start to our second honeymoon was eh.

We stayed at Friday Harbor's Historic inn. Continental breakfast consisted of yogurt and cereal, but we had a two person tub and the heating was in the floor. No cold tile!

I had brought some candles, so we lit them up in the bathroom, grabbed our chilled bottle of sparkling cider, and soaked in the tub, just like our wedding night. Except this time we tickled each other and giggled a lot.

and yes.... the sex was incredible. I know I don't talk about it much.... but wow.... My hubby is incredible

Rest of the evening was spent watching princess bride, drinking hot cocoa and eating nummy cupcakes and tarts.
When morning came, we put our car in line for the ferry, and just wandered around the island a bit.

Oh, if anyone ever goes there, don't go to the fancy restaurants. Right of the main street, there is a bar called Haley's. They have THE BEST food on the island so far. I had french dip and Jake had cod tacos.

So all in all, a very wonderful and mostly-relaxing trip, and an excuse to be giggly and snuggly ^_^
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I finally got the notice that Jake's Anniversary gift was finished, and after I picked it up, I had to take it straight home and give it to him!

I went and got his sax completely re padded and repaired. This hasn't been done for at least 20 years. The guy at the music shop said the repair is more than the value of the instrument, but considering it belonged to his birth-mother's father, I deemed it appropriate.

He's already played a bit for me, and has spent quite some time looking for new sheet music.

It's nice to finally have proof that my hubby can play. :P

Will update again after this weekend. We are spending a night in the San Juan islands and going to the Melting Pot for dinner on Saturday.

I are so excited!!!


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