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Today was my third "new" birthday.

I can't believe I've gone so long without smoking and drinking. I owe so much to my husband and friends for helping me along, and slapping my hand when I went for a smoke.

I plan on getting a cupcake and singing to myself tomorrow. As for tonight, I took a long stroll in freezing temperatures with my Mother-in-law. I remember a few years back, I could hardly do that without coughing and causing an asthma attack. I did fine with her speed, and was even able to talk!

It is so beautiful and pure up here. I promise I will take some pictures tomorrow. The sun should be out and I'll catch some pics before the ENTIRE FOOT of snow melts.

Time to run out and do some skinny dipping in the tub and watch the steam freeze on my face.



Jun. 23rd, 2008 11:32 pm
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I am so totally blown away.

Showed up to work today to receive a late birthday present from a coworker. She overheard that I was looking to buy a PSP from a friend of mine, and she GAVE me hers with 3 games. I was so totally floored.

I felt bad just taking it, so after much fighting I gave her $60 for everything.

Just... wow... she has totally restored my faith in humanity.

I keep telling everyone I love her. It's fun ^_^

*goes off to play Katamari*
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It's strange how everyone has different expectations. There are some that you grow up with that you are so accustomed to because everyone else in your family does it, then one person comes along and is different, and you don't know if you should be offended because they didn't think of it, or try to figure it out in your head why they are doing it.

Things have been going ok. Had a crappy turned good later in the day birthday. I guess I didn't really tell anyone it was my b-day, so not really much happened. I didn't get a cake w/candles, so that was strange, and I didn't unwrap a single present. It didn't really feel much like a birthday, because those are the things I am accustomed to.

Had another crying fit last night. Jake and I were talking about the aforementioned topic, and after he explained a few things about why he did what he did for my b-day, I felt so spoiled and terrible. On top of moving, couples therapy, and the thought ever present in the back of my head that my husband might want to leave me, I just couldn't take it anymore. My body shook with sobs, and the more he tried to comfort me, the harder I cried. I hope my parents didn't hear too much. It is so completely embarrassing that I cannot control my emotions.

I hope that in this whole mess I really am moving forward. I'm tired of all the uncertainty.
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I went to the library yesterday and checked out every single book on parrots; about 16-17 for my mom. I found one book that talks about that even though your bird might bite you, that doesn't mean he doesn't like you. She felt a bit better and is looking through how to calm this bad boy of a bird down.

I ended up closing the Salon tonight, and was able to bring him out of the cage without any biting. I let him play in the front for a while before putting him to bed. He's so cute when he' s settling down for the night. He mutters a whole lot! Most of it is intelligible, but some words are recognized.

I also have to give props out to my hubby in this post. He is trading with the nail lady in home computer work so that I can get nails again! They are blue sparkle tips with gold lines. Very fun! I'd been holding off getting them done again because it gets so expensive and my nails get tender.

heh, forgot to mention... my mom turned 60 on wednesday! We took the BBQ down to the salon wednesday night and did a lunch bbq for her birthday on thursday. It was a blast, except for when a token "someone" (will not name names) complained first they couldn't see the tv in the breakroom, then that we didn't have hot dog buns (when the hot dogs were not hers nor ours) and insulted my husband straight to his face.
But I digress... party was fun. Mom was happy, bird played outside.

Things aren't going as smoothly as I want, but it's better than the previous week.



Jun. 20th, 2007 01:03 am
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Well, happy birthday to me. Everyone is stressed because the baby was supposed to be born today, but they weren't able to get my step-sister in because the maternity ward was full. She will he (hopefully) induced tomorrow. My stepdad is moody and upset because they never called to tell him what has happened. He's been upset and complaining all day. I heard him drop the "F" bomb because they weren't receiving all their mail. He then did it again tonight whil I was trying to be helpful and troubleshoot the cable. I asked him to not say that word because it doesn't help the situation, and I'm trying to stop saying it as well. He got up in a huff and went upstairs.

Everyone in this house is so depressed but they are too scared to admit it. It really pisses me off because I used to be the same way, and things got so much easier once I admitted I had weak areas, and focused on the strong.

Just..... snarf.... dammit.

I go quilt shop hopping no matter what happens tomorrow. I need something fun to do. Just being in this house makes me uneasy.

Oh, something cheered me up and it's birfday related, so I canz sharez it wit joo. :P

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