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While on the drive to and back from Spokane, I not only knitted (almost done with a beautiful variegated scarf), we listened to the radio version of audio book Lord of the Rings. There is so much in the book that's not represented in the movies, and me only have seen the movies, had a lot of questions. There are billions of stories inside the main one and fleshes out so much more beautifully.

Now that the trip is over, we are now watching all the movies in their extended format (I've never seen them like this).

I really want to get to reading them, but I have to read other books before. Remember folks, Golden Compass comes out this December! READ THE BOOK FIRST! The whole series is AWESOME!!!

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Jake and I decided to wait until the last day (of course) to file taxes. We were working on them last night, got to about $600 in returns, then added my information. at that point everything dropped to about $300. Was kind of a bummer, but then we realized since we got married last year I get to claim my school payments. He had never claimed his before either. So we put in our info... and now it looks like we'll be getting back something like three grand! Woot! We are both so excited. We've been trying to figure out how much money we can stash away for the move and still live comfortably until then, and this has pretty much solved that dilemma.

We are also going back through Jake's taxes for previous years to see if we can claim his school info even more. I'm hoping this will give him more push to finally decide he needs a new laptop and to give me the hand-me-down. My laptop still won't charge the battery, unless it's turned off or I keep the power cord REALLY still, but the battery has actually started working properly as of late.

Anywho... getting ready for liburry day and looking for more fun books to read. I want to buy the third book from the harper trilogy by Anne Mcaffery, but I think I'll just check it out for now. We don't need any more stuff to move -_-

Oh! and knitting tonight! *bouncebouncebouncebounce*
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Taking time to relax this weekend. I usually only work 3 days a week, so every other week I have Friday-Sunday  off. Now, since call volume at Comcast has risen, we are required to work an extra 5 hours a week. Up to 4 days a week now, but it isn't so bad.

We took time to have fun and play. We ended up taking Trax (public train system) into SLC to go have lunch at Long John Silvers, the only one we have found in Utah yet. It's in a mall that will shut down on April 10th permanently when they demolish the whole building. There is a mall across the street that has already met the same fate. It was wild to be able to see the sky through different places, and the HUGE hole that was in the ground where parking was set up. I also got to stand at the very center of the city. It's where the first survey was made, all street numbers are named from that point. I find it really cool that whenever we go anywhere, Jake always manages to find some bit of history or trivia in everything. I feel like I'm on a field trip!

After lunch and wandering, we headed over to a rare book store and poured through all the really old charts and books. There was one handwritten biblia there by Martin Luther. It even had a lock on the side. Must have been at least 2 feet wide, one foot across and 8-10 inches thick.

My love/obsession with books has gone to epic proportions now that I have a library card. I'm actually heading out there as soon as I finish this post.

Yeah, leaving now. Bye!


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