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I've decided this year to do a charity present for everyone this year. I've really wanted to learn how to make stuffed animals (among the plethora of other things I want to learn).

I found a pattern for a wee bunny that is less than 1 foot tall, but so incredibly cute. The plan is to make one for every niece and nephew, and then 4 more for each to donate to Seattle Children's Hospital in their name.

I thought this was an awesome idea until I sat down and realized I'll be making over 30 stuffed animals!

Last night I got around to making the first one, just to make sure that I won't have any hang-ups on sewing or stuffing. He turned out really nice and it wasn't as hard as I was expecting.

Here's my first bunny. Jake has named him Binky.

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The past week up here in the Northwest has been HELL... Literally. It all came to a head on Wednesday when we hit an all-time high of 104. Not much to some of you, but NO ONE has ac here.

The really bad part is that I can't stand sleeping without something that has more weight than a sheet over me. So it's either not sleep, or sweat like crazy.

I had a bunch of shirts that I was wondering what to do with, so I decided to make a tied quilt that had double layers of shirts to provide weight, but no batting so that it stays cool.

I am pleasantly surprised at the results, and absolutely torked because the husband liked it too, and now I have to make a second one.

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So I tested out my toeguard today, and guess what? It works great! Falling down and getting back up with wheels on your feet can be quite tiring, so I wasn't able to test it out too much.

I'm planning on getting some more leather that's thicker with the top grain, make a few sets, and give them out to some girls I know that are good at killing toe guards to test them out.

If I can figure out an easier way to sew them, and they test out well, I might have someway to make extra money.

Skates are still killing my feet, I'm hoping that they'll break in soon. Feeling more and more stable on them every time I go out, and I was even gearing up for crossovers tonight. I have noticed that these skates really work my leg muscles more than artistic skates.

I shall have thighs of steel.
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So... I had some "knee" socks I bought on clearance. Unfortunately, because of my girlish figure, the socks only make it halfway up my calves.

So I made armwarmers!
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Aren't they beautiful? These are my skates, an early birthday present from my 'rents. Wanting to take good care of them, I'm working on making a better toe guard. A lot of derby involves falling in a safe matter, and that involves dragging toes a lot. You must be careful, because once you ruin the toes of your skates, you're screwed.

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NOTE: I would be more descriptive, but I've been reading/watching REALLY bad fan-fiction all day, and now my brain is melted. Here:

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It's my first project ever done completely by myself, except for a bit of sizing help from my mom.

I needed something to skate in to get myself in shape. My goal is to be healthy enough come springtime to try out for my local roller derby league. Unfortunately, most companies figure the wider you are, the shorter you are, and so workout pants always look weird on me. I wanted something that I could cool off in, but wasn't too crazy to wear to the rink. Plus, I needed something to show off my crazy collections of socks. :P

I had to adjust the pattern a bit, but all in all I'm pretty proud of them!

What do you guys think?

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So I thought since I want to start roller derbyin' after I was finally done with school, I'd get back out and start skating again to get the hang of things. I've had a pair of skates that I spent over $200 on and have worn twice in seven years. I bought them during a long-distance relationship for love. Yeah, I do stupid things like that. After we broke up, I decided to keep the skates still, knowing that one day, I'd want to put them on again.

I get there, put on my skates, and do the wibble wobble around the rink a few times, getting the feel for having feet that want to fly out from under me (I forgot I had replaced the standard bearings with speed bearings). I realize that I'm dripping sweat and am starting to shake, so I sit down for a song or so, watching others skate around.

As the third song starts, I feel the gumption to get back up, take two steps forward and *WHAM* slam my knee that I had surgery on a few years ago, right into the floor. I was waiting for the inevitable pain of tearing joints or some type of dislocation, but it didn't come. I hopped back up and kept going. I did feel a burn after going around a few times, but settled into a rhythm that kept the burn at a comfortable level.

I only lasted 45 minutes to an hour out on the rink, but it's a battle won. Now's the time to take some ibuprofen, get lotsa rest, and ready for the aches and pains that will join me tomorrow. And every tuesday thereafter, because I plan to go every week.

I am so poooped. 'Ta.

P.S. I just got invited to a Halloween party and I haven't done any costuming in nearly 4 years! Any suggestions for a quick fix? I had the idea of getting some fake fur in bright colors at the fabric store and turning them into some type of hunter's outfit, claiming to hunt muppets. Thoughts?
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Ok... feeling a bit better. Been busy workin' and enjoying christmas with various family members and whatnot, and I think I've finally stopped fuming about what happened to me during the last post.

I had been working on a cross stitched image of a lighthouse and used metallic (shipped directly from Satan himself cuz it's so freaking hard to sew) thread to make the waves that were crashing up against it. It was an 11x14 picture and it was on 14 count aida (14 stitches per inch). I had been working on it for over two months and had not mentioned it, because it was my christmas present for my husband. I found the chart for it at a local stitchery and then put my husband's favorite hymn on it. I had just finished it, and left it out on my desk so that it wouldn't get creased in my drawers.

I brought in the matting board and frame only to discover that someone had stolen it off my desk. not only that, but they took all of my neighbor's candy that she had sitting in a drawer.

Management hasn't done jack to remedy this situation and it's really making me question whether I want to continue working here. The theft is getting worse and they keep turning a blind eye. I now have to lock up EVERYTHING that is on my desk. I've become quite paranoid about it.

Luckily my Mother in law heard about this, and for Christmas gave me a $30 gift card to my favorite cross-stitch store. I've bought some new fabric and am working on it for him.

I've also found a new needle love. I've finally learned how to knit and DAMN is it addicting! I've put every other project down to knit. I'm hoping to make a few more scarves, my first one I'll be sending to my mom. she likes to have all of the firsts that I make :P

Anywho, that's what's been going on lately. it's snowing like crazy right now, and everythime I glance out I swear there's another 2-3 inches on the ground.

Hope you all had a good holiday. Now get back to work!



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