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So I tested out my toeguard today, and guess what? It works great! Falling down and getting back up with wheels on your feet can be quite tiring, so I wasn't able to test it out too much.

I'm planning on getting some more leather that's thicker with the top grain, make a few sets, and give them out to some girls I know that are good at killing toe guards to test them out.

If I can figure out an easier way to sew them, and they test out well, I might have someway to make extra money.

Skates are still killing my feet, I'm hoping that they'll break in soon. Feeling more and more stable on them every time I go out, and I was even gearing up for crossovers tonight. I have noticed that these skates really work my leg muscles more than artistic skates.

I shall have thighs of steel.
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Aren't they beautiful? These are my skates, an early birthday present from my 'rents. Wanting to take good care of them, I'm working on making a better toe guard. A lot of derby involves falling in a safe matter, and that involves dragging toes a lot. You must be careful, because once you ruin the toes of your skates, you're screwed.

More pics )

NOTE: I would be more descriptive, but I've been reading/watching REALLY bad fan-fiction all day, and now my brain is melted. Here:

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Waiting for my Mom to call me to let me know she's on her way to meet me at the skate shop.

I get my derby skates today.

I am going to explode if she doesn't call soon......

*holds breath*
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Roller derby was awesomesauce. It was amazing to see women my age and older, in all shapes of physical health, competing in such serious matches. It's something I feel that if I worked at it I would eventually be able to not only do, but enjoy. A lot of women there competing were my same build! Holy crap, a chubby woman engaging in organized sports?!?

I also think it would help. Studies have shown that exercise helps with depression, and getting some aggression out I think would help my patience at home.

I told Jake I want to seriously work towards becoming a derby girl, and he approves! He has a condition though. I have to wait until after I'm done with school, and I have to start training now by walking every day.

It will be hard to walk every day, but hopefully I can work up to it. I've been really thinking about finding a new place to take a picture every day, so maybe this can be the start of it!

And, by suggestion by Omonk (you are an awesome dude), I did talk to my hubby about the strange feelings and fear I've had. I heard what I have been wanting to hear since we had our first fight. Without going round about, he told me he wants to stay with me because he loves me. It seems like he has to have a rational explanation for everything, so he always said he's put in so much effort, we need to stay together.

I love it that he wants to be with me, not just because we've done so much so far, but that he wants to be with me.

The upswing has started, let's push it farther this time.
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Husband just notified me that there's a roller derby in Monroe tomorrow that his friend will be the ref.

We couldn't get a discount but my hubby bought us two tickets to go and see it.

Nothing could be more fun than a bunch of women, on rollerskates, beating the loving crap out of eachother.

I'm so freakin' excited!


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