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2010 in review

January: Had surgery to see what was going on in my head. No new information discovered.

February: Posted a meme (wow I'm lazy!).

March: Added 'Nilla Bean to the family.

April: Kicked out of my house and left homeless for two weeks, the start of the toughest 8 months of my life.

May: Matilda died and I was forced to drive a Prius for a few weeks.

June: Got off of Zoloft and found my inner power.

July: Began proceedings for my divorce and discovered the SCA.

August: Acquired my new bow Skjótrblakkr, and bought a car, Midori-Ryu.

September: Started a new job at Vaupell.

October: Opened up more and explored my poetic side again.

November: Got a new boyfriend that makes me grin from ear to ear. Finalized my divorce.

December: Continued discovering what makes me happy and content with life. Living it.
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2009 in review

January: Started raising Triops, and began the process to turn Baconfest into a yearly shindig.

February: Learned how to make mochi.

March: Adopted the ill-fated Lydia, Duchess of Bradley.

April: Started dying my hair crazy again. Vacationed in Utah for 1 1/2 weeks.

May: Learned that I'm FINALLY allergic to something. Yay.

June: Found the furry love of my life, Pixel Von Hasenpfeffer.

July: Paid for my first membership to PFM and had the annual summer cold.

August: Made a T-shirt quilt, quit a job, and started a new one.

September: Watched my little boy bunny go blind.

October: Had a run-in with a SWAT team while at work.

November: Doctors become confused with my migraines, many more CT scans and MRIs ensue.

December: Further into a cancer scare, more scans, more fun. Watched Pixel climb Mt. Jake and then bite his armpit.

Ugh... so much has already happened this year. I really gotta stay on top of things and post more updates. I think this is the emptiest one I've done yet.

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I've done this the past couple years, it's kinda interesting to see where my posts have taken me. I take the biggest events I posted about each month and list them all together. Let's see how this year shaped up...
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Here's a look at the past year:

- Had my wisdom teeth taken out and learned how to knit while totally out on painkillers

- Knitted during the Superbowl
- Finally got my wedding pictures online

- Found out how to shout riffles
- Wandered around SLC
- Made the decision to move back to WA

- Smashed my toe while making deviled eggs
- created/finished my first ever custom knitting pattern. Leets!
- Got up the courage to visit a stitch'n'bitch
- Celebrated my "new life" birthday
- recieved settlement from 2004 accident
- migraines returned

- Reconnected with old friends
- Got nasty food poisoning from Burger King
- Put in my two weeks after cashing settlement check
- Got a Wii!
- created/finished my second knitting pattern, DS cozies!

- Created my deviantart account
- Moved to Washington
- Finished my first quit, my GSA denim quilt
- Recieved a niece for my birthday

- Drama living with parents
- Drove to spokane to visit with friends and went to a release party for HP7

- Tried to help my mom with a new pet B&G Macaw
- Ran like a kid at a candy store at the Seattle Gift Fair
- Introduced my husband to the Pacific Science Center

- Started up school again
- Did LOTR book/movie marathon
- Had our first anniversary

- Chopped my hair off
- Busted my ankle walking down "a stair"

- Moved to Shoreline
- Discovered Nintendo of America
- Learned about the poop spectrum

- Confronted my Mother
- Disappeared

Here's to hoping this year will be better than the last.



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