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Two good friends I've made while working at Nintendo had their last day of work today. One was moving on to a "real" job, a start to his career, and the other is moving to Oregon to live with his soon-to-be in laws until he goes off to the air force. I brought them cupcakes, berated them for leaving, and wished them the best of luck. It's strange how close I feel to some people I've worked with for just four months.

As with the tears? Well my supervisor did it again. Long story short, my husband was stuck at work ALL NIGHT, and I had so much trouble sleeping. I got up, went to work, and realized that I had finals tonight and needed to prepare. I asked my sup if I could leave one hour early, and I would make sure that quota was more than filled. Instead of addressing that, she instead proceeded to basically "snarl" at me how five people didn't bother to show up and three have already left early because they felt tired. I was shocked at how fast she can turn. I can understand being upset that I coincidentally want to leave early on the first good day of spring, but considering that this was only the second time I've had an unauthorized absence, it should not have been a huge deal.

To be honest, she scares me to death, I have to take off my shoes and count my toes in order to keep track of how many times I've regressed to sobs and screaming because of this woman, and nothing was being done about it. I tried telling the temp manager, and she told me to write a report on what has happened, but did nothing to move me. I then went to my NOA manager, he said that he would have a talk with my sup, but I guess he didn't want to lose me.

I ended up bawling on my second aforementioned friend's shoulder on his last day, sobbing and shaking like a baby in front of all of my coworkers. More embarrassed than anything, I took off and tried to get away from everyone, hah, fat chance. I was rounded up and told that now was the time to talk to Andy (main temp boss guy) about what's been happening.

It's amazing the feeling you get when you get to the right person who will get things done. He asked for details, and wanted to know everything that I could remember word for word. He even stopped me before I left work to ask a few more questions and will follow up with me on Monday. Hopefully I might be moved somewhere else. To be honest, I don't mind staying until after our warehouse moves, which is in two weeks, I just don't want her to mess with me, or ANYONE else.

Ok.... now that that's off my chest, on to fun news.

I've been unofficially nominated, "Leader and morale coordinator" for our group of friends at work. A bunch of us are getting together tomorrow at 3pm to wander Pike St. Market to enjoy the festivities of their annual cheese festival. It started from a group of 2-3 to a horde of atleast 15-20 people saying that they will be there. We are so starved at work for some kind of fun and team building that people are starting to look for me to get going. It is a lot of fun because I can get people to laugh, and I'm making new friends, but I think it might be what's causing some frustration with my sup because I can get people to do things she has to crack her whip to get them to do grudgingly.

I'm also hoping to have a summer BBQ one weekend out on a lake. If I can get some more helpers, then it could include the whole warehouse. I'm hoping to pitch it to the temp agency and Nintendo to see if they can donate some funds/food to the cause. Would be fun to do summer games too like 3-legged race, etc. with prizes!

Well, that's it for now, just feeling wordy and getting it all out in one go. Parents will be gone tomorrow when I get home, and then 3 week house party!
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Yes, I know this joke has been used over and over.... but this time it really does hurt.

Went over to Kyle and Tiffany's (pseudo brother and his wife) so that he could help Jake get ready for his interview. While they were holed away talking in Kyle's office, Tiff and I were trying to figure out how to keep ourselves busy. After running around after her son for a bit, we busted out the wiimotes and decided to try a little bowling.

I've never played it before and man it was fun! I ended up getting my best score ever in my bowling career... 174! I was rockin'.

There was also tennis on there and neither of us had tried that one yet. I think we ended up playing for a good 45 minutes or so and broke out into a major sweat, screaming and laughing. It was so awesome. William even helped a little, swinging around a wiimote with dead batteries in it.

Today I am definitely feeling it though. Not only in my shoulder, but my back AND my hips and legs. I need to do that more often.

Per the hubby, interview went alright. He was told he could get a job within 6 hours, but we are going to hold out possibly for better.

As excited as I am to becoming housewife and not working ever again.... it's hard to not feel guilty that I'm not the one "bringin' home the bacon"

I guess that will change once the pitter-patter of little feet hit our floors.

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Don't get the title wrong, I've met Nic and his family before, but never alone, it was always with parental units, or cousins/friends/whatnot. I was a bit nervous I wouldn't fit in, or make things uncomfortable, because even thought Jake new them so well, I had only met them on 3 separate occasions.

Jake and Nic immediately started chatting about life and reminiscing about the past, his wife and I sat there quietly, finding small bits to talk about. Nic made us dinner (fried chicken sammiches which were OH SO GOOD!), we busted out the Wii and played a little Raving Rabbids. It was mainly Nic and Jake playing, so I got a bit more time to talk with his wife, Lisa. She mentioned that she loved the Harry Potter novels, and I shared my enthusiasm. Then she mentioned that she would absolutely love to go to the midnight release (which happened to be the first night we were there). We both put on our shoes and hopped out the door, walking towards Albertsons. We stood there quietly for some time until we got to where we were 5th in line. "Sorry! All books are sold out!", so we convinced my husband to come pick us up and take us to another bookstore. I got about 6 chapters in that night.

Got up on Saturday and went to this park that has an amusement park and carousel. The carousel is actually from 1909. I was afraid to ride it because of my weight, but decided to give it a shot anyway. I had a blast! They actually had the pole that sticks out with rings on it that you pluck as the horse goes by and then you try to toss it in this hole. We then went and got some sno-cones, and fought over who could try who's flavor.

I also forgot to mention I found out something else that's funny about my husband. He doesn't get sick on a teacup ride, but will turn green on a carousel.

I'm really glad that we live closer to these folks, not just for my husband's sake, but for mine as well. I really love it that we are getting some married friends, and I absolutely loved being with Lisa, and playing with their children. I hope plans go well and that we can all build a duplex together. Both her and I have some similar goals with family. We both want to grow a small garden in the backyard, and we both go gaga for roller coasters.

All in all an awesome weekend, and I hope more will be had :)


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