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So I was browing Facebook trying to find an update on my friend whose head was crushed by a car, and I got a nasty virus from his mother's FB page. It infected my computer all the way to the kernel, and turned my system into a drone, spamming out emails faster than you can say "what the..."

Had to wipe my entire system. Luckily, the hub is awesome with 'puters and backed everything up.

I'm now trying out Vista since this computer is pretty barren file-wise. If I don't like it, I can always change.

This better be the end of it.
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So everyone knows I'm like a direct descendant from Murphy, including his damn laws right?

Alright, I'm in the shower, been relaxing because hub put in a new showerhead that was taller for me. I'm in mid shampoo, closing my eyes because of suds, when I hear a pop and water continuing to run, but nothing hitting my head. I wipe the suds from my eyes to see the faucet head off to the side with water coming out of the wall.


Luckily the handle was able to turn the water off, and we had a second bathroom, AND all of our blinds were closed. I forgot to grab my towel heading into the bathroom, and running around blindly and naked would have been a great show for my neighbors.

I guess I don't get all my genes from Murphy. Hmph.
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I just twisted my ankle walking in from the garage (helping friends move stuff out so we can move in), and I forgot to watch for the step down, and I've twisted my ankle. I freaked because I heard a "SNAP!" when I went down, but it was just my ankle popping out of joint.

So no broken bones, and I can walk alright, but this means no zombie walk tomorrow. Poo.

I guess I'll just have to wait for next time. I will be there in spirit, guys.


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