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For some reason this seems very likely something that my husband would do...


Nov. 7th, 2008 04:43 pm
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So of course I come across this AFTER the election, but I'm wondering if it's real...

Dell SUPERDELL Schanze for Governor

This guy is crazy and scares the poop out of me. (see? no swearing, I'm THAT serious) I don't know ANYONE that would want to vote for him. The site seems pretty serious, but Dell has a huge ego, and is just an idiot.

Can anyone in Utah verify the validity of this?

BTW: read his blog, its in the "about" section. This guy is nuts.
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This is the sound bit I did. Yes, I DID make it. Feel free to use it if you'd like. I might want to make more in the future ^_^
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And I think he could be Jake's new favorite on Youtube. We both died laughingwatching this.

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Animal Shorted Out Power Line, Officials Say

REDDING, Calif. -- With southern California fighting wind-driven flames and spot fires breaking out across northern California, firefighters have fingered at least one arsonist: an unlucky squirrel.

Redding firefighters said the squirrel set off the blaze when it shorted out a power line, caught fire and dropped into dry vegetation.

Battalion Chief Gerry Gray said it took 18 firefighters and six fire engines to fight the fire that started behind a Redding restaurant.

The fire briefly threatened a home before it was contained Monday.

Redding Electric Utility spokesman Pat Keener said about 200 customers might have noticed their electricity flicker when the squirrel shorted out the high-voltage power line. But the incident did not cause a power outage.

link to story

(just thought this story was pretty funny)
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Say hello to the new presidential rickroll, the Barackroll:

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I love stumbleupon. My husband found this video called "The top 11 naughtiest moments in Animaniacs".

I thought they weren't too bad until he got to the number 1 moment. O.M.G. I am baffled this did make it past censors back in the 90's.


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OMG this is hilarious. Ruby Tuesday's been advertising that they are blowing up the last old building they have, but when it comes time to explode, the wrong building collapses.

I know both buildings look the same, but there are DIFFERENT SIGNS on the front!

Ruby Tuesday even has an apology letter when going to their site.


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