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And it is beautiful.

Later, gotta go game.
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Diablo 3 is coming out!!! DIABLO FREAKING III IS COMING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*does the dance of happiness and explodes*
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Went to Spokane to see Jakes best friend get his doctorate in law. It was nice to go on a road trip and have our own room in our own place (sorta). And even better, T minus 4 days until my parents are gone for nearly 3 weeks! We'll have the whole house to ourselves. Sure, it will be spent getting ready to move out, but there will be so much less stress, and THAT'S what I'm looking forward to.

Got a non-functional DS-lite on ebay to get repaired at work. So now I have two DSes. I've already ordered a semi-transparent replacement shell, and am planning on doing some modding with LEDs, possibly an audio reactive one with an on/off switch.

As for much else, got some info on researching patents for an idea of mine I'm planning to take off the ground once I'm done with school. Don't dare say anything about it, except that it will be revolutionary in green home lighting. I'm very, very excited. I've been working on this for over a year, and can't wait to have the time to make a few prototypes.

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The main reason I bought Pokemon Ranger is probably the same reason that 99.5% of everyone else got it, to get Manaphy. Unfortunately, I wasn't too thrilled to buy a game and slave away at it for one purpose, and reading the reviews didn't help much either. Play a crappy game for hours just to get one Pokemon? Psssh, I'll wait for an event.

But time went on, I got a job at Nintendo, and I was itching for a new game to keep me busy.

Last Thursday I bought Ranger and brought it home, ripping it out of the box and turning on my DS gearing up for torment beyond measure to get an effin' Manaphy.

Once I started on the missions, I was quite surprised. The game is actually pretty good! I got totally hooked on it. Even though it only took me 10 hours to beat it (compared to the main Pokemon titles), I was somewhat sad to see that I had beaten it. I played through the Manaphy egg rescue, and now I'm tempted to play all of the other special missions.

Fun gameplay, requiring little strategy, combined with area puzzles not unlike the main series kept me quite busy. The only complaint I have is that I never really had the incentive to play the minigames.

I think I'll keep playing this game even after I transfer Manaphy, which will be tomorrow! Wooo!!!

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And I'm ok with that.

*goes back to game*
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My pal pad code is: 4210 0901 0691
Name: Zanthess

Post a comment with yours so I can add you :)
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Things happening lately have been brought to you by the letter P!

I'm currently painting a few walls for the lady who gives me massages. She's horridly allergic to paint. I get paid in massages and cookies! Rock. However, the lady that lived there before, painted her ENTIRE interior with sealed bathroom paint. This stuff is made to keep anything from getting through it or sticking to it. So I have to go back on monday and do a second coat. It's all streaky and has spots where the paint won't stick. *sigh*

While painting, I didn't realize how hard I was working until I finished, and nearly passed out because I had worked myself so hard. Go me.

Still having small issues with living in pseudo-brother's basement. Things are improving bit by bit, but sometimes they suddenly slide back like a greased pig on a glacier.

The Coca-cola at Microsoft tastes like Perfume. I don't know if it's because it's at Microsoft, or just a crappy batch. I should bring one home and try it after a few days in our fridge...

The madness continues. I've never actually gotten to the "end". I know there's no real end to the game, but I consider it when you see the credits. I did that two days ago. At the same time I'm like "Yeah! I beat a game!" and "Oh man... I'm 25 and I'm playing Pokemon!" Bittersweet, really. I've learned to tap into my inner geek-ness, and I have followed what I love to play.
I also have found the need to have every single Pokemon there is out there. I started transferring them from my old cartridges (6 per cartridge per day), and whilst walking around half-price books, they had a version I did not yet have for CHEAP. I buy it and as soon as I get in my car, in goes the cartridge. "BZZZVLZLJVLZKDBN ZKLMFDGAJN..." is all that comes out. I pop it out, do the "Nintendo blow" and lo and behold, someone decided to sell their Pokemon ruby after spending nearly 1,000 hours on it! Woot, less work for me.

Jake and I have been trying to get out of the dangerzone with money situations. He says we are now past the orange part.
"What the hell is orange?"
"It's just above red before green"
"I thought that was brown. Y'know red + green = brown"
"actually it's yellow. I was talking about the light spectrum, NOT the poop spectrum"
It then cascaded into how if poop was money my husband would be king.
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I finally broke down and became a member of Dungeon Runners... all for 5 bucks a month... I played it for free for about 3 days and decided it was worth the money.

I'm now lvl 20 and can cast a spell that makes bait in the form of a turkey leg.

Sooo cool.

If any of you have gotten on... I'm on world 1 and nick is Zanthess (duh. :P)

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Heard of Dungeon Runners? Imagine Diablo II with true 3D and when you talk to the merchant, he says random things like "All I sell is CRAP" and "You know those guys over in the next town that act like they're in the renaissance? Well they suck."

I am in love.

Dungeon Runners
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So I finally did it. I bought a copy of Pokemon, and honestly, I'm quite impressed.

The commercials really didn't do it justice. They showed some of the battling, but none of the 3D stuff and how the pokemon actually move instead of shake and move around.

Plus, I got it at a pretty nifty price. 29.99! It's going for 35-39 everywhere else, but I *heart* Costco. I'll post more about it later probably because I'm going to be sucked in for the next few days.

Started on a new project. I made a ds lite cozy for my friend that looked like pikachu. I tried to match the color as best as possible and even added on ears and a tail! The tail was murder to do and I did try to make arms and legs, but it made Pikachu look a little too.... er... "special"...  Yeah... it was bad.

I've started on another one now, and I'm seriously thinking of posting them to a few free knitting sites. Since the characters and whatnot I'm using are copyright other companies, they will be at no charge. Once we figure out if we want to keep my DS or get a DS lite (DS does not work on our network. waaah) I will make a cozy for mine. it'll look like Link! I'm a Zelda freak. I even found a sweater pattern that has oldschool link with the name in japanese!

So ronery

Nov. 6th, 2006 02:29 am
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It feels weird living in this condo after Jake has owned it for 3 years already, but he's gone on a business trip until Tuesday night.

...make that weird feeling x10.

Good thing I saved up for FFXII. It keeps the lonelies away for a while. :P



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