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Remember how I took my Mom's strawberries to take care of them?

Well, they've decided the pot they're in is too small.

Hub went to BBQ some burgers, and realized that the plants had tethered the spatula hanging off the barbeque...

Now I don't dare stay out on the balcony too long, don't want a reenactment of The Ruins.

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I guess my plants were happy. My Aloe has spread out and has two new shoots, the Chamomile has a huge shoot coming up, and the strawberries have TRIPLED in height!!!

I must be doing something right :P
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As I was looking through pots to find some to put onions in, a few outside growing grass/weeds caught my eye. Those aren't weeds, they're...


They'd been doin' their thing for the past two years or so and needed a little TLC. I pulled out all the dead parts, tilled around them, added some organic food and potting soil, and put some mulch on top. They look really happy now that they've been integrated into the garden and made presentable.

I also FINALLY finished my nephew's blanket, but oh snap! I have to make another on in 1 1/2 weeks for my new nephew to be! I'm thinking I need to start making these things in advance.
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I awoke this morning to find that nasty sluggies had found my ladies and had begun to enjoy devouring their leaves. This had to be stopped.

I didn't want to use chemicals, so I went and bought some lava rocks to keep them nasties at bay. While I was there I also found an aloe plant and (gasp) a stevia plant! So my gathering of children grows, and I have more work (and talking) to do.

I've decided to plant the sprouted onions in pots and place them between my mother's rose bushes. They won't produce bulbs, but will flower, and help keep buggies at bay.

I feel productive, time for me to sleep.
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The ladies (as I now call them) are taking wonderfully to their new homes. The dirt has settled, so I need to add some more, but they are all happy and have perked back up.

My seedlings, on the other hand, are having a bit of trouble. two of them have developed some mold, but I'm hoping if atleast 3 of each grow, then I can still make some tasties.

Also found an onion that had decided it was past it's expiration date and started to grow. Tomorrow I'll separate it out and plant them to see how homegrown onions work.

They are awesome to talk to.

I may be going crazy, but dammit, it's a moment of happiness.
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I've now resorted to aromatherapy, tea, knitting, crocheting, AND gardening.

Last night my mom said a few things that set me so on edge, I HAD to leave, even though it was nearly 9pm. I wanted so bad to punch her in the face, so I turned it around and went to get some plants. It'll be therapeutic, I'll be able to grow my own herbs, and the plants will enjoy my ranting and raving, and loving on them.

I've planted chives, garlic chives, and spearmint seeds, and bought already sprouted lavender, Texas tarragon, and generic sage.

I'm hoping this helps me cope for the last week.

I'm just sick and tired of having to deal with my past constantly... I really don't know what to do, because all I want to do is cry and let it all out...

I just don't know to who.


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