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happy national pi day everyone!

I plan to eat everything that's circular today. I wonder how I can make bacon into circles....
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I got a late xmas present in the mail from It suits me perfectly. When I put it on, I get all giddy-like and prance around like the character on the shirt ^_^

My hub effing rocks.
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Went to bed around 2.

Finally got to sleep around 4.

Woke up at 7 to watch my nephew tear through some presents.

It's snowing HUGE white flakes, and doesn't show any signs of switching to rain.

I have warm butterflies in my stomach.

The Christmas feeling is back....

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I haven't had them before Christmas for a looooong time.

Times have been very tough, but looking back at the state my marriage was in a year ago, and the stat _I_ was in, the amount we've moved forward is phenomenal.

With the fact that I still don't have a job yet, it felt silly to buy a present for Jake with the money he made.

I worked out a few loans with my parents that will be paid back when I finally can get a job, and some hard work (I can't go into further details, it will give away the surprise!), I am totally jazzed for Christmas morning.

We're also having a Gingerbread Decorate-off Christmas afternoon, and I have a little surprise for everyone. It's not finished yet, but I have a feeling that not much sleep will be happening tomorrow night.
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For some reason this seems very likely something that my husband would do...
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So I decided to host a gingerbread building competition for my family for christmas this year. I'm even making a small string of "lights" that will come on for each house and showcasing a crappy 8bit rendition of a christmas song.

Then I decided to add a surprise for the end...

Good grief... I've sat here and coded for the past 2 hours straight. I think if I continue, I won't stop until my eyes begin to bleed and I have stubs of fingers left.

But it will be awesome.... oh yes.....

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This weekend break between work and packing we've been busy driving around and having fun. Saturday was spent cleaning out my car, and then going over with pizza and Pirate Booty to our friends' house to watch the first two Pirates movies and then drive over to watch the 3rd. They were planning on not having their kidlets for the movie, but as Murphy's Law dictates, they came with us for a 10:45 pm showing. The littlest one started squirming and getting a bit antsy, and his mom asked me to hold him. As soon as he found my chest of pillowness, he was soon asleep. They both slept through the whole movie!

I claim that playing with other people's kids helps fill my need for having some of my own, but it doesn't. Afterwards, my drive for children gets even harder to push aside. I gotta get done with the last of my classes ASAP.

But anywho... back to the voyaging we did...

Jake has made this goal to take me to all these beautiful places I've never been to in Utah before we move to Washington. We went up to Guardsman's pass and checked out the cars chucked over the edge in the past, drove through Heber and walked a few trails.

On Sunday, we went up to visit the folks and partake in some NUMMY ribs. After dinner while there was still some light out, my hubby took me down to the cabin that kept the Jordanelle resevoir from being put in Pine Valley. His great-great-grandfather's cabin is much like a museum inside, and it's on the national list of Historical Places (if you don't believe me, go here and look for Building - #85001137). We even got to play an old hand-crank Victrola!

I did take pictures and get some video. Since I was using a camera phone, a lot of the pictures did not come out too well, so I'm hoping to take my good camera up there and get some nice shots of all the cool stuff.

Other than that, it's been exploring big and little Cottonwood Canyons, and going out to the places to eat we'll miss after moving out of state.

Anywho... it's MEGA late, and I need to sleep. We start packing the kitchen tomorrow.



Dec. 18th, 2006 12:36 am
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, Zanthess sent to me...
Twelve eyeamme123s drumming
Eleven xoraclexs piping
Ten volcgrrls a-leaping
Nine neppymans dancing
Eight electronics a-cooking
Seven boys a-stargazing
Six computers a-sleeping
Five bu-u-u-uilding circuits
Four text-based adventures
Three building computers
Two computer games
...and a music in a nexusman.
Get your own Twelve Days:


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