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I went out tonight and was able to stay the entire time (well, minus the last 10 minutes). The burning in my legs wasn't so bad, and I didn't feel like my joints were going to give out at any second. I even started doing crossovers again!

Hubby still isn't too thrilled I want to do this, he's still afraid I'll break my leg. I guess when I'm placed in a more dangerous situation, I'm less dangerous to myself. I felt my grace come back, and was no longer the person that bumbles around the rink looking like they have the stance of a sumo.

People there are still very nice, and I'm getting more and more comfortable starting up conversations.

Jake doesn't believe my gracefulness, so I challenged him to come skate with me next week. We'll see how it goes.

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Things happening lately have been brought to you by the letter P!

I'm currently painting a few walls for the lady who gives me massages. She's horridly allergic to paint. I get paid in massages and cookies! Rock. However, the lady that lived there before, painted her ENTIRE interior with sealed bathroom paint. This stuff is made to keep anything from getting through it or sticking to it. So I have to go back on monday and do a second coat. It's all streaky and has spots where the paint won't stick. *sigh*

While painting, I didn't realize how hard I was working until I finished, and nearly passed out because I had worked myself so hard. Go me.

Still having small issues with living in pseudo-brother's basement. Things are improving bit by bit, but sometimes they suddenly slide back like a greased pig on a glacier.

The Coca-cola at Microsoft tastes like Perfume. I don't know if it's because it's at Microsoft, or just a crappy batch. I should bring one home and try it after a few days in our fridge...

The madness continues. I've never actually gotten to the "end". I know there's no real end to the game, but I consider it when you see the credits. I did that two days ago. At the same time I'm like "Yeah! I beat a game!" and "Oh man... I'm 25 and I'm playing Pokemon!" Bittersweet, really. I've learned to tap into my inner geek-ness, and I have followed what I love to play.
I also have found the need to have every single Pokemon there is out there. I started transferring them from my old cartridges (6 per cartridge per day), and whilst walking around half-price books, they had a version I did not yet have for CHEAP. I buy it and as soon as I get in my car, in goes the cartridge. "BZZZVLZLJVLZKDBN ZKLMFDGAJN..." is all that comes out. I pop it out, do the "Nintendo blow" and lo and behold, someone decided to sell their Pokemon ruby after spending nearly 1,000 hours on it! Woot, less work for me.

Jake and I have been trying to get out of the dangerzone with money situations. He says we are now past the orange part.
"What the hell is orange?"
"It's just above red before green"
"I thought that was brown. Y'know red + green = brown"
"actually it's yellow. I was talking about the light spectrum, NOT the poop spectrum"
It then cascaded into how if poop was money my husband would be king.
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This is an interesting article I found about a group that is rallying states to allow adult adoptees to find information about their birth parents. As a wife and sister-in-law and friend to a few adoptees, I think it would be great for them to find out where they come from. Not only will it help for closure on the birth parent's side, but it would also help paint a better genealogical map as to where they came from and what kinds of diseases they need to look out for.

I'm not adopted, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. I feel that I would at least want to know who my mother was, and to thank her for deciding to give me a better life she couldn't provide at the time
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Hubby just IMed me to let me know he would be coming home early.

He was in a car accident on the way to work. No ticket, and the car he hit had no damage fortunately, but he's hurting bad.

I hope this is the end of the drama for a while.

*puts laptop down to pass out again*
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Been trying not to go psychotic while my paycheck sits in limbo at the bank. Been with out Zoloft for 3 days and I feel really shaky. Found out we won't have insurance until December, but since hubby is getting paid buttloads of cash, it shouldn't be too bad.

Got an offer from pseudo-brother and his wife to live with them. Rent is cheap, it's closer to hubby's job, and it gets us the hell outta dodge. Plus! I don't have to work so I can focus on finishing school, and I've offered to cook dinner for everyone since sis-in-law is pregnant and is already kept busy chasing after a 2 year old all day.

Found my other cousin on my Dad's side of the family on Myspace today. Before you ask, NO I have not started up a new account. I've just made one so I can check out how my cousin Nick is doing. I then get bored and start randomly searching for long lost people.

Uhm... what else? Oh! I'm getting sick! And I made halloween cookies for Jake to take to work in order to get some social networking going. I found the coolest stuff while getting cookie stuff at the store. They now sell black food coloring!

I'm gonna have to find some licorice extract and try my hand at black licorice ice cream. I miss it *sniff*

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2+ years of hair growth... all gone.
Back to reeeeeally short hair with longer in front.

I'm hoping this helps get rid of my depression.

btw... hubby had first day at work today. Gets to spend all day trying to kill a server with 20 xbox 360's. Whee.

'Ta ^_^
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Drive was beautiful, ride on the ferry was absolutely gorgeous. When we got there, however, Jake couldn't get the key to turn in the ignition to get off the boat. The ferryman came over and was getting upset that we weren't moving. It's an issue we have with the new car keys, so my hubby gets out to get the spare hidden key, and without asking, the ferryman jumped in our car and started cranking as hard as he could on the wheel and ignition. Now there's a rattling in the wheel when he turns it. Oh and the ferry cost over 65 bucks... Yowza.

So the start to our second honeymoon was eh.

We stayed at Friday Harbor's Historic inn. Continental breakfast consisted of yogurt and cereal, but we had a two person tub and the heating was in the floor. No cold tile!

I had brought some candles, so we lit them up in the bathroom, grabbed our chilled bottle of sparkling cider, and soaked in the tub, just like our wedding night. Except this time we tickled each other and giggled a lot.

and yes.... the sex was incredible. I know I don't talk about it much.... but wow.... My hubby is incredible

Rest of the evening was spent watching princess bride, drinking hot cocoa and eating nummy cupcakes and tarts.
When morning came, we put our car in line for the ferry, and just wandered around the island a bit.

Oh, if anyone ever goes there, don't go to the fancy restaurants. Right of the main street, there is a bar called Haley's. They have THE BEST food on the island so far. I had french dip and Jake had cod tacos.

So all in all, a very wonderful and mostly-relaxing trip, and an excuse to be giggly and snuggly ^_^
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I finally got the notice that Jake's Anniversary gift was finished, and after I picked it up, I had to take it straight home and give it to him!

I went and got his sax completely re padded and repaired. This hasn't been done for at least 20 years. The guy at the music shop said the repair is more than the value of the instrument, but considering it belonged to his birth-mother's father, I deemed it appropriate.

He's already played a bit for me, and has spent quite some time looking for new sheet music.

It's nice to finally have proof that my hubby can play. :P

Will update again after this weekend. We are spending a night in the San Juan islands and going to the Melting Pot for dinner on Saturday.

I are so excited!!!
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I think he also wanted to prove he's geekier than me.
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I went to the library yesterday and checked out every single book on parrots; about 16-17 for my mom. I found one book that talks about that even though your bird might bite you, that doesn't mean he doesn't like you. She felt a bit better and is looking through how to calm this bad boy of a bird down.

I ended up closing the Salon tonight, and was able to bring him out of the cage without any biting. I let him play in the front for a while before putting him to bed. He's so cute when he' s settling down for the night. He mutters a whole lot! Most of it is intelligible, but some words are recognized.

I also have to give props out to my hubby in this post. He is trading with the nail lady in home computer work so that I can get nails again! They are blue sparkle tips with gold lines. Very fun! I'd been holding off getting them done again because it gets so expensive and my nails get tender.

heh, forgot to mention... my mom turned 60 on wednesday! We took the BBQ down to the salon wednesday night and did a lunch bbq for her birthday on thursday. It was a blast, except for when a token "someone" (will not name names) complained first they couldn't see the tv in the breakroom, then that we didn't have hot dog buns (when the hot dogs were not hers nor ours) and insulted my husband straight to his face.
But I digress... party was fun. Mom was happy, bird played outside.

Things aren't going as smoothly as I want, but it's better than the previous week.

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Jake and I are going to Pacific Science Center today. I'm hoping to get some fun pics.

I haven't been there in FOREVER... except for going to laser light shows.

Will report on how things go :D
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Yes, I know this joke has been used over and over.... but this time it really does hurt.

Went over to Kyle and Tiffany's (pseudo brother and his wife) so that he could help Jake get ready for his interview. While they were holed away talking in Kyle's office, Tiff and I were trying to figure out how to keep ourselves busy. After running around after her son for a bit, we busted out the wiimotes and decided to try a little bowling.

I've never played it before and man it was fun! I ended up getting my best score ever in my bowling career... 174! I was rockin'.

There was also tennis on there and neither of us had tried that one yet. I think we ended up playing for a good 45 minutes or so and broke out into a major sweat, screaming and laughing. It was so awesome. William even helped a little, swinging around a wiimote with dead batteries in it.

Today I am definitely feeling it though. Not only in my shoulder, but my back AND my hips and legs. I need to do that more often.

Per the hubby, interview went alright. He was told he could get a job within 6 hours, but we are going to hold out possibly for better.

As excited as I am to becoming housewife and not working ever again.... it's hard to not feel guilty that I'm not the one "bringin' home the bacon"

I guess that will change once the pitter-patter of little feet hit our floors.

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Don't get the title wrong, I've met Nic and his family before, but never alone, it was always with parental units, or cousins/friends/whatnot. I was a bit nervous I wouldn't fit in, or make things uncomfortable, because even thought Jake new them so well, I had only met them on 3 separate occasions.

Jake and Nic immediately started chatting about life and reminiscing about the past, his wife and I sat there quietly, finding small bits to talk about. Nic made us dinner (fried chicken sammiches which were OH SO GOOD!), we busted out the Wii and played a little Raving Rabbids. It was mainly Nic and Jake playing, so I got a bit more time to talk with his wife, Lisa. She mentioned that she loved the Harry Potter novels, and I shared my enthusiasm. Then she mentioned that she would absolutely love to go to the midnight release (which happened to be the first night we were there). We both put on our shoes and hopped out the door, walking towards Albertsons. We stood there quietly for some time until we got to where we were 5th in line. "Sorry! All books are sold out!", so we convinced my husband to come pick us up and take us to another bookstore. I got about 6 chapters in that night.

Got up on Saturday and went to this park that has an amusement park and carousel. The carousel is actually from 1909. I was afraid to ride it because of my weight, but decided to give it a shot anyway. I had a blast! They actually had the pole that sticks out with rings on it that you pluck as the horse goes by and then you try to toss it in this hole. We then went and got some sno-cones, and fought over who could try who's flavor.

I also forgot to mention I found out something else that's funny about my husband. He doesn't get sick on a teacup ride, but will turn green on a carousel.

I'm really glad that we live closer to these folks, not just for my husband's sake, but for mine as well. I really love it that we are getting some married friends, and I absolutely loved being with Lisa, and playing with their children. I hope plans go well and that we can all build a duplex together. Both her and I have some similar goals with family. We both want to grow a small garden in the backyard, and we both go gaga for roller coasters.

All in all an awesome weekend, and I hope more will be had :)
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This weekend break between work and packing we've been busy driving around and having fun. Saturday was spent cleaning out my car, and then going over with pizza and Pirate Booty to our friends' house to watch the first two Pirates movies and then drive over to watch the 3rd. They were planning on not having their kidlets for the movie, but as Murphy's Law dictates, they came with us for a 10:45 pm showing. The littlest one started squirming and getting a bit antsy, and his mom asked me to hold him. As soon as he found my chest of pillowness, he was soon asleep. They both slept through the whole movie!

I claim that playing with other people's kids helps fill my need for having some of my own, but it doesn't. Afterwards, my drive for children gets even harder to push aside. I gotta get done with the last of my classes ASAP.

But anywho... back to the voyaging we did...

Jake has made this goal to take me to all these beautiful places I've never been to in Utah before we move to Washington. We went up to Guardsman's pass and checked out the cars chucked over the edge in the past, drove through Heber and walked a few trails.

On Sunday, we went up to visit the folks and partake in some NUMMY ribs. After dinner while there was still some light out, my hubby took me down to the cabin that kept the Jordanelle resevoir from being put in Pine Valley. His great-great-grandfather's cabin is much like a museum inside, and it's on the national list of Historical Places (if you don't believe me, go here and look for Building - #85001137). We even got to play an old hand-crank Victrola!

I did take pictures and get some video. Since I was using a camera phone, a lot of the pictures did not come out too well, so I'm hoping to take my good camera up there and get some nice shots of all the cool stuff.

Other than that, it's been exploring big and little Cottonwood Canyons, and going out to the places to eat we'll miss after moving out of state.

Anywho... it's MEGA late, and I need to sleep. We start packing the kitchen tomorrow.

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He never really gets me anything crazy for big holidays, like christmas, birthdays, and whatnot, but enjoys surprising me with his made-up holidays when he finds something spectacular for me.

I called home when I was done with work and he was napping, he asked for pizza and then if he could go back to sleep.

When I came home, he got up and put the pizza aside and handed me a small wrapped box. It had the most beautiful champagne colored diamond earrings! I sniffled a bit and put them on, running to the bathroom so I could see.

I guess he was over at Cottonwoods mall (a sad dilapidated place that only has 10 stores left, the food court is even deserted), and saw that a jewelry place there  had a massive sale going on to get rid of their stuff. Knowing that I had been searching for some earrings to wear, but not too girly, and something that went with my other earring in my right ear (I can't take it out for very long, it's only been pierced for 2 years).

I've never seen this color before, and I think he enjoys doing these kind of surprises. It keeps me on my toes and puts a sparkle in my eye.

Who thought he could be so romantic?


May. 22nd, 2007 11:19 pm
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We decided to give our crabbies a bath today (they have been digging and are currently at the bottom of the tank). As we were cleaning out their home, we found one of them had passed on.

We really don't know why our children keep dying, we spoil them rotten. this is our fourth crab to pass away.

We will miss you Spike, hope you are having fun with Faye, Squidley Jr., and Squidley III.

Edit: Apparently hermit crabs are suicidal. Spike basically fried himself by sleeping on top of the heater. Now the hubby wants to get another child.
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And it's so exciting now!

I haven't really posted much as to what's happening in the world of Bradley, because it is happening so fast. I'm in my final week of work, finals are next weekend, and we are moving in less than 3 weeks! There's even discussion that not only my mom-in-law, and even Jake's brother and sister-in-law might come too! It would be a whole caravan!

I also finally figured out what my hubby needed as a graduation gift.

He has been through so much. Having his identity stolen, a roommate that trashed his place, and getting his car broken into three times! Since his car was broken into about two years ago he has been stuck with a deck in his car that has a cd player, but it won't read anything, and really crappy speakers to where he usually just gives up and goes without music.

He asked me very sweetly if he could get a new deck for his car. I asked him how much he wanted to spend, and told him to double it. It was so exciting to watch him install everything in his car. We got him a whole set of new speakers, and a new amplifier (one he had catch fire before we met, we tried to fix it, but it ended up exploding). He was able to hook up his subwoofer in his trunk again. I haven't seen him this happy since the day we were married. We've now put at least $900 into his car, and it sounds beautiful! Best thing is, I get the set of two speakers that were in his car before that are still good, and the old subwoofer box. I'm gonna have a bumpin' bug!

And!!! We ordered my laptop last night! We have been looking around on Dell's refurbished page for a new lappytop to replace the overheating/non-charging/key missing wonder that I've had. I'm getting a 17" with one of the fastest processors, an awesome vid card, and 2 gigs of ram! W00t! And right after announcement of Starcraft 2!

We will be customizing our laptops as well. Jake did some computer fixin' work for some family members that own a custom sign shop. They've offered to make custom skins for our laptops before we leave. I've asked Jake to draw a chibi/evil version of me, and we'll put my online name on it as well. I hope that I can help design his as well.

We also decided it would be good to get me some new glasses before insurance ran out this week. I was given an allowance of about $250 to get some nice glasses. I found some very interesting frames. Chrome with blue and green on the sides. I even found out more as to why my headaches were so severe. I've had the wrong prescription for over 1 1/2 years! My previous optometrist told me that I was nearsighted, when everyone else said I was farsighted. So my eyes have been working way too much to go from looking far away, to looking close, and back. It's gotten so bad to where I can see better if I close my left eye than looking with both.

My optometrist told me that I should just go without glasses until my new pair comes in. It feels really weird, not having anything on my face, but lots of people have commented about the vivid color of my eyes. Kinda makes me want to consider contacts more.

But not all things are good. We've had to be careful because I've quit taking birth control, hoping it would help stop a majority of my headaches, but now a new side effect is happening. Whenever I tilt my head to the side, from a vertical position, the world starts spinning for about 5-10 seconds. The same happens when I return it to a horizontal state. I've had to be very careful not to tilt my head so much. It's not that it makes me nauseous from the world spinning, but if I'm standing I fall over. Yeah it's kinda funny to watch me teeter around everywhere, but it's kind of scary. This is something that runs through the female side of the Day family, there is no cure, nor explanation for why it happens.

Other than that, my mood has been good, and even with small emergencies (like my husband nearly frying himself hooking up power to his car battery), my panickyness has been able to stay in check. We are going to be able to continue my insurance (although a bit more expensive), so we can still continue my meds until we get good insurance again, and I can continue my therapy.

Cleaning is happening this week, and the real packing starts the next.

The knee of the curve is so exciting.
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Well, I was going to talk about the good stuff that happened last week. Remember at the VERY beginning of this little LJ 3 years ago (actually exactly 3 years in 14 minutes.... woot!) I mentioned about a guy I dated and introduced him to a group of friends, one of which he married shortly after?


I do admit, I was snooping about. Jake had mentioned that he had checked out their RPG website that they run, and curiosity got the better of me. I noticed that his wife's name on their forums was [profile] faewren, and I was wondering how they were doing since I haven't heard much connection from them in a loooooooong while.

I finally got up the nerve to post a comment, and the reaction I got was, to be quite honest, very surprising. She sounded very happy to hear from me. We chit-chatted back and forth through each other's LJ for awhile, and finally decided that we should hang out for a bit. There were some hurt feelings on both sides, and some major closure needed to happen, or I would still be hearing the hub talking about the past, and no moving forward would happen.

I went over there last week and at first things were a bit, nervous and quiet, but after getting "hit on" by her 1 year old son, things just kind of snowballed from there, and we started talking about our hobbies (knitting/cross-stitching/gaming/etc.), and soon we realized that we were fast becoming great friends!

Now that we've finally put a crack in this dam, more talking and trading began to leak through. Jake came over with me today and the four of us were able to get together and play some games. It was so great to see smiles on everyone's face! I am so amazed how things turn out.

Her son also remembered me, and that I have a very comfy chest area. The rest of the day was spent with him running up to me, asking to be held, then he would either lie his head down on my chest, or squeeze one of my breasts to make sure they were there, smile and run off. I continued to remind him that it's a good thing he doesn't know better yet, or my hubby would get jealous.

I'm just a sucker for a cute face.

*sigh* It's just good to watch My husband and his past friend to start to patch things up. We're even planning a Pirates party when the third movie comes out! *bouncebouncebounce*

AND! My settlement check came in finally! We had to drive down to Provo to get it, but it was well worth it. I was blown away by the amount that we got, much more than what we first were told to anticipate, but it's enough to where I've printed out a little piece of paper that frees me from being the grunt at work and doing nothing but taking upset callers in two weeks.

AND! (part two) The Hub is GRADUATED! W00T!!!!! I am so proud of him, and I hope I can follow in his footsteps in the next couple of quarters.

I am just so happy and amazed as to how life has unraveled these past few weeks (er... ignoring last weekends "event"). Even burned bridges can be rebuilt, and I think this one has been upgraded to flame-retardant ^_^


May. 2nd, 2007 03:06 am
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Ok so now that he's read my post, he says that his belches may be acidic, but my gas kills.

He has suffered many an attack by me and has yet to die.

It is fun to not say anything and just watch him scream like a little girl and run away..

*evil grin*
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Jake called me the "fart ninja". He says his are noisy because he likes to let people know that they are happening. Mine have no sound, but are very deadly.

I don't normally talk about this... but discovering that I become somewhat intolerant to cheese right around the icky week, I keep forgetting to not eat it, and therefore get crap from my husband.

His belches beat my gas though, and he continues to deny it.

The battle rages on.


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