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As it gets colder I start to think about warm things, and knitting always comes to mind. I finally got up the guts again to search for a new knitting group since I left the SnB-SLC crew.

They get together two Saturdays and on the first Tuesday each month. I'm going to MAKE myself go, as I stay home too much and need to socialize more, and I've made a rule that if I have unfinished homework I can't go.

First meeting I can go to is this next Saturday. I'm so excited!

Jake's happy too because it's free. :P

Whooo boy

Jan. 25th, 2008 08:29 pm
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Good think I checked my deviant account today. People have started asking for patterns for my Pikachu cozy. I'm hoping I can remember what I did. I'll probably have to sit down this weekend and knit one up again, this time while writing a pattern. I'm not afraid of the cozy... but the tail... it's EVIL.
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See it? See it? Right to the left! There!

I've put my progress bar back up. I think I got really burnt out on knitting because I had started too many projects for myself. So I decided on one pattern and will (hopefully) stick to it and get it done.

Plus, I'll have a nice warm comfy pair of socks to prove it!
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In getting in touch with my husband's half-sister again recently, she told me that she's gotten into knitting...

I was both happy and incredibly pissed off.

Happy: Woo! You finally tried it!

Pissed off: Why didn't you start when I still lived there?!?!?

But in all sincerity, I'm super excited she's decided to try it. Knitting is my anti-drug, and prozac, all wrapped up in a nice cozy bundle.

As of late I've gotten obsessed with quilting, and with a few NDS games, and progressivley harder classes make it hard to get much done, but while we've been talking online, my "knitter's twitch" has started. Whenever I see something that is knitted (scarves, hats, etc., even while folding my hubby's crusty socks!) my fingers start moving, not in a knitting motion, but more like counting, starting to do equations in my head, figuring out how I could make it myself.

So I went home and peeked in my bags of unfinished projects, nothing got me excited.

Joann's had a sale during the holiday that I just COULD NOT miss. I originally went there to get fabric to make some curtains (which will now be repurposed to make two norens: really cool japanese curtains). While waiting for my number to be called to the cutting table, I spotted it.

It was a rainbow of happiness and love, all wound up in a skein of cotton-y goodness. It called to me softly, and I tried my hardest to ignore it.

My fingers started twitching.

Before I knew it, this small skein of prettiness was in my hands and familiar wheels knocked dust off themselves as they were again set in motion.

I went home and started knitting. And I finished tonight.

I made another set of cotton coasters, using the modular directions from Knitty Gritty. I'm giving them to a good friend of mine as a "room warming" present (same room I painted before Christmas).

I was hoping that this would satiate my need to knit, but, like an alcoholic, I've started on old projects again, and am planning for future projects.

Please don't tell my husband. He thinks he has temporary reprieve from my yarn madness.
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Some new WIPs and FOs for y'all...

I said y'all? ACK I said it again!

*slaps self*

Anywho... Here goes... )
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So since I was all high and mighty about the rockin' ds lite cozy I made a few weeks back, it was requested that I make another so that their spouse did not get jealous (and now she probably knows who it's for, you know who you are :P). Everything was rockin'. I figured out how to use waste yarn to pull out for live stitches so that the ears didn't look as funky. I even did some i-cording and increasing in i-cord for a tail, but when it got to the nose I was ready to rip the damn little bugger apart.

The nose was all bulbous and whatnot, so I tore the nose apart and started again, accidentally cutting the yarn too short, but was able to make do with it. I also raveled the ears to make them slant out a bit more. All that is left now is to sew on the velcro closing and I am calling it done. Perfection in knitting is the bane of my existence...

Now that I'm finished (well nearly), I'm getting ready to start on my own ds case. Like I've said, I am a HUGE Zelda fan. I'm currently working on collecting every Zelda release, and have most of the US releases, I'm trying to play them through, but sometimes my ADD addled brain doesn't have enough patience. I've found some green wool yarn that I will be knitting and then felt, and then I have some yellow roving that I will use to needle felt onto the back (or the front? I can't decide yet) to represent the triforce... ooh mebbe both!

I'm also starting on a laptop cozy to put in my bag to protect it from scratches. I'm using my hubby's laptop measurements (since they will be the same), and I'm going to try my hand at a fair isle knitting pattern, and felting it as well.

I hate little piggies when they are supposed to be cute, kitty-like things.

*grumbles and wanders off*

I'm alive!

Apr. 28th, 2007 04:37 pm
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I managed to get 7 hours of sleep last night, went to class, came back, and slept another 4 hours. I

We're relaxing here now watching the Best Day Edder, celebrating the last episode made of Ed Edd and Eddy. Sad that they aren't going to make more, but all day cartoons can't be beat!

Anywho, we are off to go see a movie, and head to dinner to celebrate weekend-ness.


EDIT: We ended up trying to go to NPS industrial (my favvvvvvvvorite candy store), but they were unfortunately closed. We then went to Big Lots and I found the watch I had been searching for for over 3 months! My old one died, and I couldn't find any decent replacement, the only one near the comfort I had before was like $200.00+ blech no! I got mine for 8 bucks! Woot!

Started on Husband's tabi as well. The colors in the skein look different now that they're in stitches. so I think I'm going to call these ones Teenage Mutant Ninja Tabi. They remind me of the turtle's feet in the movies. Heee....
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Still feeling very weak and tired. It took all my energy just getting out of bed to run to the grocery (forgot my prescription just ran out!)

I'm hoping it's just because I haven't been sleeping well. If it doesn't get any better or gets worse, I'll probably go to the doctor on Saturday.

Other than that. Lots of resting, going back through Zelda 4 swords, an AWESOME episode of Voyager (I'm becoming a HUGE Star Trek freak).

I was able to make a tasty dinner for my hubby when he got home from class. He's been working so hard since this is his second to last day being a college student. I've been wanting to make things more healthy and not so fast food-ish. We are just so busy during the day, it's work to cook something then clean up. But anyway I was talking about this tasty dinner of mine...

So Campbell's has come out with this dinner bake thingy that doesn't already include the meat (we've used complete meals and whatnot before, they are ok, but don't taste like home cookin). They are called Supper Bakes. You buy the box, 4-6 Chicken breast halves, toss everything together and in 30 minutes you have a meal that DOES taste like homecookin' with about 1/10th the effort!

It's also good because I suck horribly at cooking chicken and rice meals, this will get me back into the swing of things.

Oh! And one other sign that my meds/therapy are working. I eyeballed the butter AGAIN tonight! Instead of dirtying our measuring spoons, I pulled out a knife, chunked a couple of bits of butter out of the tub, and was happy with not making sure it was exactly 2 tablespoons.

I didn't realize how relaxing life can be when I don't have to be paranoid that I'm going to mis-measure something.

And... last thing I promise ... I am going to be finished with my second sock in the next 2-3 days! I'm very proud of myself. I have a team lead at work that I think deserves 'em. She takes such good care of us. After those, I'm starting on my husbands tabi. I found a pattern online that is modeled after the traditional cloth version. It even has a simulated seam in the back and charts are included so that you can put their chinese horoscope on the side. It will be fun to finally make something I'll seen worn around the house other than myself :P

Ooogh... that was enough excitement for one night. Time to head back to bed and get ready for the super-awesome-fun-day at work tomorrow.

No.... really.
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So I've been lying around all day wondering why I feel so dang weak, and decide visiting with my Snb group would do me some good, but was not a wise idea. It took all the strength I had to just sit there and knit.

I feel really weak, and I'm getting the same "electrical" feelings going through my face and arms like when I was going through Paxil withdrawal.

I nearly passed out walking to the car after running to the grocery to get some feel-good stuffs.

I hope work doesn't make me show up tomorrow, I want to sleep all day.
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We went over to a friend's today to do some DnDing. It has been really nice since we started hanging out with a semi-regular group. We did play with them a few years back (Jake asked me out on our first date while on our way to the same group), and it was really hard because I was so nervous and scared to make a fool of myself.

2 1/2 years later, I'm now on the right medication at the right amount, and I feel as relaxed as I did before I moved to Utah. I've become one of the guys again, it was a lot of fun, not too much rp-ing, but lotsa fun hanging out and laughing.

Oh yes, and I was supposed to include knitting as well. I finished my first sock while killing zombies and skeletons. I was so amazed that I was able to make a sock with shaping and such. Only problem is that I didn't make the instep big enough so I can't fit my foot through the turn. *sighs at her big honkin' feet* I'm going to finish the other sock, and probably save them for a christmas present.

Next project, which I need to hold off until I'm done with my mom's jacket will be Jake's geisha socks. Yes... I know geisha is a term for a woman, but he wants to be able to wear sandals during the winter, so I'm making socks that have the large toe separated. This is the deal I had to make with him 4 months ago when I first picked up knitting.

I'm also working on finishing my niece's blanket. The pieces are taking forever, since there are 48 of them, but it will end up being the size of a standard blanket for a twin size bed. I originally wanted to make them for all of my nieces and nephews, but by next xmas, that will increase by one. I've decided to save my sanity I'll make Lauren's the first year, next Ella's, William's, Jordan's, and then for the little girl with no name yet :P.

speaking of little ones with no names yet... Jake and I talk a lot about the future and when I can go off of anti-baby pills. We've decided to wait until I'm done with school so I can still work with lead and such. So looks like in the next year we'll start trying to have babies. It's just crazy to think about. We've already decided what to name our first child if it's a girl. Natalia sounded like a neat name. And don't get in a huff that I mention I'm going to have a girl. Let's just say when I went to get my endowments something happened, and I just have a good feeling as to what is going to happen.

*happy sigh*

I'm also looking forward to when I can quit work and focus on getting school done and training myself to be a better housewife/stay-at-home-mom. The only reason I'm the one working now is because Jake got laid off and we decided it would be better for him to claim unemployment while doing double-time at school to get done. One week left, and I'm pretty proud of myself for "bringing home the bacon" so to speak, for the last 2 months. We just need to make sure we keep our insurance, because I don't want to go back to what I was like before starting my medication and therapy.

Now I think I'm talking in circles, so that means I need to shut up and go to bed. I promise as soon as I find my camera I will share pictures with all the projects I've been working on.

Oh, btw, I have a blanket that I finished about a month ago and need to find someone to give it to. If anyone needs a purple blanket, let me know. If not, I'll probably end up donating it.

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Well, I'm frogging my socks... AGAIN.

It's really frustrating. I find these cute patterns that are just too small for ladies with big feet.

Oh well... back to the drawing board.
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I was warned by a few ladies at our SnB group that if you hang out with them a couple of times, you WILL start making socks. On my way to the group, I stopped by a yarn shop just to look around for some new colors, and found that they had some fingering weight yarn on sale....

The temptation was just too great. I got the yarn, and found a pattern online. I'm using the Monkey Socks pattern from knitty. I did originally get a simple sock pattern, but I go insane if it's all just stockingnette stitch all the time.

We'll see how it turns out!
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I finally got over my Agoraphobia enough to come out of my shell and visit a Stitch 'N Bitch. I was afraid it would be a stagnant boring couple of hours with old ladies talking about their families. Yes, I was the youngest there, but only by a few years. These ladies were so wonderfully opinionated and talkative, I just sat and knitted away like crazy while everyone talked. They talked about everything, from pending births and plastic surgery, to politics and gay rights.

It was also nice to have people to hang around that don't tease me about my knitting.... obsession. There were some ladies there that were talking about knitting patterns for more curvaceous ladies, and how it's hard to find any. I whipped out a picture of the pattern I'm currently doing from All the ladies there were quite excited and wanted to see more, so I guess I was invited to come back next week to bring all the other designs I've purchased.

I'm so excited! I've gathered so many new friends!

Zanth out!
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Hmm... It sounded cuter in my head... I was trying to think of a good title for this entry. Maybe I tried too hard and broke something? I dunno...


Just been busy getting ready to move. We are currently getting any bills/loans/etc. completely paid off so that if both of us end up jobless for a bit in WA (still tentative on transferring to Comcast in WA, no call centers near where we are going to live), we will not have to worry too much. Getting the ring paid off this week will be exciting and our final F-U to Wells Fargo. I got my credit card paid off there, and now that my gym has finally credited me back the money they weren't supposed to take, I can close my bank account there as well.

Still sifting through all the junk we've accumulated over the years. Jake is finally getting rid of his old computer crap, minus one machine we will keep so that we can play classic '95 games. I still can't get them to run right on newer machines.

Finally getting all of my thank you  cards out for the wedding, haven't had much help from the man, and mom-in-law asking me during most of our conversations when I can come up to get her list of addresses. Should be done by this week.

Oh! and I created/finished my first EVAR knitting pattern! Whoo!!! Jake has been playing this game called Anarchy Online for nearly 4 years, and keeps bugging me that I need to sew him a leet doll ( you can find it here). Since we've decided that we do not have the funds/space to get a sewing machine ( we are planning to go all out and get one of the really nice ones that does embroidery and hooks up to the 'puter), I had a choice of borrowing a machine, or handsewing one.

...Forget that. I tried handsewing, it takes for FREAKIN' EVER!

So what's a yarnwhore to do? I know! Knit one!
Yep that's right, I took the sewing directions and converted it into a knitting pattern. I was quite surprised when the first one turned out. I finished him while watching Dune, so his name has become Leeto Atreides. My second one was a bit bigger, with more expensive yarn, and was made to look like a violeet, Jake likes to call him "Hamburger". I don't have pictures yet, they are all on his computer, so I will post them as soon as I get 'em.

Update: I have piccies!


Oh! And if you want the directions I made, just comment and I will email them out. I warn you, since I've been knitting less than 6 months, they may not be very coherent, but I will try.

Also STILL on the kneedles is my Mom's Christmas-now-moved-up-to-birthday present. I've finished the back and the left front now, all that is left is the right front, sleeves and collar. I'm changing the sleeves a bit, they are full length in the pattern, but I know she's not too fond of that style, so I am making them 3/4 sleeves, should work out wonderfully.

One more project, working on finishing a blanket for my Oldest Niece, Lauren for Christmas, and, if I can get to it, two more for Ella and William.

I swear, do ALL knitters have ADD?

Uhm... other than that, just keeping up with school, and getting ready to transfer all information to the Seattle location. As much as I love my family here in UT, it will be nice to be back home with my family for a change. It's been a somewhat lonely 4 years. :P


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Well I was only able to get a few squares done, but luckily Sunday was just a kick off for the warm up america. It is going on all year. I'm working on extending my goal to two weeks and hopefully I can get enough squares to send in to make half a blanket. that's about 25 squares. I think I can do it...

Other than that... just been feeling crappy and in the need of either seeing a wacky practor or getting a massage. I've been up the past few nights with intense pain in my neck and left shoulder.

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Hey all, just want to let you know. DIY is hosting a knit-in on superbowl sunday. They are asking everyone who can knit or crochet to make squares used in afghans for those in need all over the country.

I will be doing my part, even though we will not be watching the game.

This would be a great way to bust your stash of leftover yarn!

Information about the knit-in can be found here, and all of the patterns can be found here.

If you decide to join in Let me know!

Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of what I make.



Jan. 29th, 2007 10:16 am
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So I'm sitting here... we're 23 people in queue, and I can't take a single phonecall. I just have to sit here and wait while the billing system updates itself. It should feel rather nice... However, I feel like I shouldn't be getting paid for the past 20+ minutes I've been waiting for my software update.

Oh well...

I finished another knitting project this weekend and even got to wear them! I made these cabled gauntlets using some Noro cashmere blend that I decided I couldn't live without. I'm happy with how they turned out. I'm still "working" on my husband's scarf... it's kind of gone on the back burner since I got "A Second Treasury of Knitting" by Cat Bordhi. I'm working on making a trifold mobius bowl. If you're wondering what it looks like here... sorta. It's the black and white bowl at the bottom of the picture of the front of the book. It's horribly addicting and I find myself reading it over and over. Man I'm such a dweeb.

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Removing them sucks even more.

but the drugs are good.

Husband teases me because I can't talk well, but brings me food and cold things.

Pain killers just kicked in. will post more tomorrow.

Edit: I also just finished my second scarf. It is a mobius and is beautiful ^_^
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Ok... feeling a bit better. Been busy workin' and enjoying christmas with various family members and whatnot, and I think I've finally stopped fuming about what happened to me during the last post.

I had been working on a cross stitched image of a lighthouse and used metallic (shipped directly from Satan himself cuz it's so freaking hard to sew) thread to make the waves that were crashing up against it. It was an 11x14 picture and it was on 14 count aida (14 stitches per inch). I had been working on it for over two months and had not mentioned it, because it was my christmas present for my husband. I found the chart for it at a local stitchery and then put my husband's favorite hymn on it. I had just finished it, and left it out on my desk so that it wouldn't get creased in my drawers.

I brought in the matting board and frame only to discover that someone had stolen it off my desk. not only that, but they took all of my neighbor's candy that she had sitting in a drawer.

Management hasn't done jack to remedy this situation and it's really making me question whether I want to continue working here. The theft is getting worse and they keep turning a blind eye. I now have to lock up EVERYTHING that is on my desk. I've become quite paranoid about it.

Luckily my Mother in law heard about this, and for Christmas gave me a $30 gift card to my favorite cross-stitch store. I've bought some new fabric and am working on it for him.

I've also found a new needle love. I've finally learned how to knit and DAMN is it addicting! I've put every other project down to knit. I'm hoping to make a few more scarves, my first one I'll be sending to my mom. she likes to have all of the firsts that I make :P

Anywho, that's what's been going on lately. it's snowing like crazy right now, and everythime I glance out I swear there's another 2-3 inches on the ground.

Hope you all had a good holiday. Now get back to work!



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