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Well, after the initial sickness, the Zoloft I'm taking is working quite well. I went nearly 1 1/2 weeks without bursting out into tears. When I met with Robin (my head shrinky person), she suggested that I try taking something to help me sleep. It's not a sleep aid, but it helps relax and is prescribed to people with chronic pain.

The stuff I'm taking at night gets me all relaxed and happy, but if I don't fall asleep within 1 1/2 hours ofo taking it, I get nauseous. I'm just trying to make things better so Jake doesn't have to worry so much, but damn it sucks.

Has anyone out there ever taken Trazedone before? It's some really funkariffic stuff, it's gotten rid of the crazy ass dreams, I'm just wondering if the sickly-ness is just temporary.
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I didn't realize Zoloft would make me so sick. I was absolutely miserable. It felt like car sickness, and got worse everytime Jake rolled over, so I ended up on the couch.

I'm hoping this wears off soon.

Other than that, I've been able to handle stress a bit better, so things are lookin' up.
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Went and saw the head doctor yesterday. Jake was getting worried about my 'episodes', and I had started slipping, so I went and saw someone his mom highly recommended.

I told her how I hated how Paxil made me feel, so she decided to try me on Zoloft. She said I wouldn't really notice it for a few weeks.

Call me crazy, but getting nauseous and jittery the first day after taking a half is pretty crazy. I feel a bit better, and hope the side effects will go away, and hopefully this will stop my bawling myself to sleep every night routine.

I just have so much freakin' energy right now! Woo! Laundry time!!!!


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