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So the manager changed their mind.

As long as we have a cage for the bunny, there will be no deposit.

We're going down to meet the bunnies at the shelter on Thursday to see who will go best with us :D


Mar. 16th, 2009 02:04 pm
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So the hub went to talk to the landlord about us getting a rabbit. The verdict? $500 deposit. That's higher than our initial deposit to move in. After complaining a bit she said she'd see if it could be brought down to $200.

So the bunny thing might not happen :(

Mom is still coming over to hang out with us and take me shopping for "essentials". That will help make life much easier, and it will be nice to have the three of us hanging out :)
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Scientists found methane on mars about five years ago, but since it keeps showing up, it's obviously being replenished by some source.

This sounds like some alien butt-prank, if you ask me :P

Info can be found here.
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Went and talked to academics today. I'm no longer continuing my Bachelor's program.

I'm contemplating taking a quarter or two off, and then finishing my Associates. I'm only 3 classes behind on that.

I'm so relieved right now. I think I seriously would have done something to myself had I continued to go for my bachelor's. Atleast I'll have something to show for it.
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Went to Spokane to see Jakes best friend get his doctorate in law. It was nice to go on a road trip and have our own room in our own place (sorta). And even better, T minus 4 days until my parents are gone for nearly 3 weeks! We'll have the whole house to ourselves. Sure, it will be spent getting ready to move out, but there will be so much less stress, and THAT'S what I'm looking forward to.

Got a non-functional DS-lite on ebay to get repaired at work. So now I have two DSes. I've already ordered a semi-transparent replacement shell, and am planning on doing some modding with LEDs, possibly an audio reactive one with an on/off switch.

As for much else, got some info on researching patents for an idea of mine I'm planning to take off the ground once I'm done with school. Don't dare say anything about it, except that it will be revolutionary in green home lighting. I'm very, very excited. I've been working on this for over a year, and can't wait to have the time to make a few prototypes.

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 Well, it seemed like Jake and I were going to escape the hell that is sinus infection running rampant, but not so. Jake was sick all last week, and I came down with it two days ago. Of course, mine sounds like I have massive pneumonia with my rattling lungs and hurkin’ coughs, but it’s nothing really, just a side effect from bad upper respiratory history, and old habits coming back to bite me in the behind. Jake brought me cough drops/syrup yesterday, and I’ve been chuggin’ down some awesome Stephen’s Hot chocolate ^_^. Jake also found an apartment about 1 block away from his work, and about 3-4 away from mine, so we are looking forward to not have do deal with morning traffic.

I’ve chopped off all my hair again. I really need to post a picture of it. If I shower, and go straight to bed without drying it, when I wake up in the morning, I look like I belong with “A flock of seagulls”, so I put some gel in and just go with it. It doesn’t help when everyone at work listens to the 80’s station and I start to boogie to it. Now to put on my skinny white tie and rock out on a flying V guitar.

“And I ran, I ran so far away…”

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See it? See it? Right to the left! There!

I've put my progress bar back up. I think I got really burnt out on knitting because I had started too many projects for myself. So I decided on one pattern and will (hopefully) stick to it and get it done.

Plus, I'll have a nice warm comfy pair of socks to prove it!
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Got a call from the hub while working. The condo got rented out to another couple because they were willing to sign a 1 year lease. We are back on the hunt for another place.

Got another call from Aerotek. They haven't gotten a call for gametesters yet, but were wondering if I would want to work in the NOA warehouse repairing/building game systems. It would be much MUCH more stable, I'd be able to get insurance, and it has more potential for a contract-to-hire situation. They also said I would get promoted as soon as I finish my degree. Plus access to the employee store. Woooot.

Not much else going on really. If we don't find a place this weekend, we are moving back in with my parents for just a few days to a couple of weeks until we can find a place.

Oh! I almost-almost have my mother-in-law's blanket done. It takes for freakin' ever to handstitch the back of the border. Oh well, it will be worth it.

Remembered something else too. Went clothes shopping. Lane Bryant was closing a store in the Southcenter Mall and had 50% + off everything, and I had a coupon too. We bought nearly $600.00 worth of clothes for only  $100.00. SWEET!

So rest well, kiddies. Zanth is still surviving, and finding ways to enjoy life.
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We went and saw a condo last night to rent that was absolutely beautiful. 2 bedroom, end of the street, but still close enough to the freeway to get to work. There was a fire in one of the buildings recently because of faulty chimneys for the fireplaces, so non-working fireplace, but rent is cheaper because of that.

We filled out the application and handed over $50. I hope hope hope hope we get this, because another person looked at it the same night.  It is so beautiful, AND I get half a room dedicated to whatever I want.... CRAFT ROOM TIME!!!!

*boogies in hope*

Oh, and we are having to cinch our money belts to breaking point to afford this place, so if you have a favorite recipe, send me one!

I'm afraid I might have to start experimenting with stir-fry ramen again :P
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After a big blow up from someone who I will not mention, we are moving out of pseudobrother's by Friday. I know that I didn't help the bleak situation we had, but after hearing things that my Mother supposedly said, I've decided that this person thrives on drama and putting everyone below them so that they feel important.

We don't really know what to do right now. We even have discussed moving back to Utah. Atleast we felt close to everyone there and didn't have to deal with any backstabbing.

On a good note: I got a call today from Aerotek, and they want to contract me to be a game-tester for Nintendo of America. I go to orientation for it tomorrow, and when I start, I'll basically get paid to sit and play unreleased videogames 8 hours a day.

... So yeah, the finger to all of you who said video games are nothing but a waste of time. I get paid to waste that time!

Plus, I hope there are some benefits working for Nintendo, since I'm an addict of their games ;)

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With all the drama happening, I don't want my journal to start looking emo. I'm still checking friend's pages, and I still have a few comments to respond to, but posting will be held at minimum if not nothing until after the holidays.

I'm hoping the sea I call my family will calm by then.

so, Merry Christmas everyone.

Zanth out.
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Things are going a bit better. I left the house on Tuesday, went over and painted my friend's wall again. It was a lot of hard work, but I enjoyed being out of the stress-filled environment, on my own but close enough to friends.

After my big meltdown we went and picked up more of my meds. After pleading with the pharmacist, they gave us a discount on my prescriptions. I make sure to get up in the morning and take them every day. I need to make sure I'm protected if anything should happen. I've been mainly burying myself in playing Pokemon (I'm now to the part to where I'm combining all the other games and trading for Pokemon from other countries), and I have set my satellite radio in my car to comedy.

One comic I found was freakin' hilarious, and I realized that he was an incredibly clean comic as well. If you ever get the chance to listen to Matt Iseman (he can also be found on Rhapsody's website), I suggest you do.

So comedy and video games are helping, but they are just a way to avoid the issue. It works for now and will have to continue working until we get insurance and I can see a shrink again.

Started a new quarter at school and FINALLY, I'm getting another class that directly has to do with my major! And I have to bring my kit! And I got new parts to put in my toolbox! I'm all excited. I'm going to go through all my new pretties and sort them away before class.

Other than that. I confronted my mother and called BS on her. She basically told me why she said certain things about me at work was to keep the stylists there happy. She wants to make sure everyone's happy, and that she needs to be more upfront. I don't know if I should be ok with this, because either she's coming clean, or she's saying this to make me happy, but she's my mom, and the last of my immediate blood relation, and I love her.

Plus, I had a Jumbo Jack. Those make EVERYTHING better.

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It's been a busy few weeks in the Bradley fam. Two weeks back, we got a call that Jake's birthmother would be in Tacoma doing a gem faire. Of course, since I wasn't working on weekends (and I like pretties) I offered to help. It was a lot of fun, and it got me to walk around on my ankle more and build up strength.

On the last day of the show, she came in late, and unfortunately, because I don't know her inventory as well as she does, didn't notice that a whole bunch of her stuff was gone. All in all about $20k worth. Yowch!

Well, luckily it will be covered under insurance, but I wanted to make it up to her. Instead of having her drive down to Portland (another show was brewing the next weekend), we had her stay with us for a few days. It was a lot of fun. I took her tanning, and gave her an infrared body wrap, and got her a super-awesome hookup on discount hair products. It was really neat because we never really got time to just hang out with his birthmother alone, and it really opened things up.

So now to one week ago (makes eerie time travel noise)

We have moved to Shoreline. No longer living with my parents, but still not living in our own place. We have rented out the basement from my pseudo-brother. It comes with ups and downs. It's MUCH more relaxing than at the folks', but my nephew gets up around 8am, and I can't get back to sleep! So now I've become one of the regular up-in-the-morning in-bed-by-9 people.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. Went over to my stepsister's house. We ended up with about two dozen people sitting at two 6ft. long banquet tables. The food was fantastic, and everyone had a good time. I also got to introduce the family to Pig Pong. If you haven't heard of it, it's a game made long ago by Milton Bradley. I don't know if they make it anymore, but damn! it's an excellent way to burn off those sweetpotato and stuffing calories!

Oh! and one more thing!!!

I got taken to the Nintendo of America center. It has a small customer service/store, and they are currently hiring. I'm going there tomorrow to see if I can get a part time job to help cover living expenses and whatnot, plus, I'd get to be on the inside!

The lady at the store was SUPER nice. While we were there getting the jackets for our Wiimotes, she started handing out leftover promotional posters.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And before you ask: Yes, they are full poster-size; No, they are not for sale; No, I cannot get any more; and yes, they will be going up in my craft room (as soon as I have one!)

Sorry Ani, I got the last set! If I get a job there, I will see what I can get for you guys! :)
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Been trying not to go psychotic while my paycheck sits in limbo at the bank. Been with out Zoloft for 3 days and I feel really shaky. Found out we won't have insurance until December, but since hubby is getting paid buttloads of cash, it shouldn't be too bad.

Got an offer from pseudo-brother and his wife to live with them. Rent is cheap, it's closer to hubby's job, and it gets us the hell outta dodge. Plus! I don't have to work so I can focus on finishing school, and I've offered to cook dinner for everyone since sis-in-law is pregnant and is already kept busy chasing after a 2 year old all day.

Found my other cousin on my Dad's side of the family on Myspace today. Before you ask, NO I have not started up a new account. I've just made one so I can check out how my cousin Nick is doing. I then get bored and start randomly searching for long lost people.

Uhm... what else? Oh! I'm getting sick! And I made halloween cookies for Jake to take to work in order to get some social networking going. I found the coolest stuff while getting cookie stuff at the store. They now sell black food coloring!

I'm gonna have to find some licorice extract and try my hand at black licorice ice cream. I miss it *sniff*

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Remember the post I made about DS fanboy showing off my knitted DS lite covers? Well, another website called Crafty Crafty listed my design #4 in the top 10 handmade DS cases! Wow! I'm totally blown away.

Of course the needlepoint case won. And that's cuz it's the roxor.

Link to their blurb here
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2+ years of hair growth... all gone.
Back to reeeeeally short hair with longer in front.

I'm hoping this helps get rid of my depression.

btw... hubby had first day at work today. Gets to spend all day trying to kill a server with 20 xbox 360's. Whee.

'Ta ^_^

Still here

Sep. 29th, 2007 05:01 pm
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Lots of stuff has happened, but they say it's darkest before dawn.

Jake is now working for Microsoft in a contract position. It starts on Monday. Hopefully after 3 months, they'll either extend his contract or offer him a permanent position.

here's a video my friend showed me last night:

Poor gummy bear.
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Remember those Knitted DS cozies I made way back when? They are on!

Well yeah, I sent the images to them, but they posted it! Woo!

*hops about*


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