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I've been alseep most of the day now.... to recap:

I was getting eggs ready to be bedeviled for our easter party at work. My back started hurting (normal counters are too low for Amazon women), so I decided to get a chair and sit in front of the sink while I shelled the eggs. I sat down and was just a bit too far away from the sink. I started to scoot the chair over, but, remember the stern shaking of fingers I got when I was a kid scootin' stuff on hardwood floors, I picked up the chair, and at the same time of setting it down, I plopped down on the seat... Right on one of my toes.

It's now turning pretty colors, I ended up going to work for an hour and had to call it quits. We went to the doctor to get a note allowing me to have opened toed shoes for work and got an xray. Luckily it's not broken. He also gave me a prescription for a painkiller.

Lortab makes pretty colors.... whee....

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Well I was only able to get a few squares done, but luckily Sunday was just a kick off for the warm up america. It is going on all year. I'm working on extending my goal to two weeks and hopefully I can get enough squares to send in to make half a blanket. that's about 25 squares. I think I can do it...

Other than that... just been feeling crappy and in the need of either seeing a wacky practor or getting a massage. I've been up the past few nights with intense pain in my neck and left shoulder.

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But still feeling drugged up. I sleep 10-12 hours and then lie around all day, amd I'm STILL exhausted. Gotta run over to work to get my check from work and explain to them why I won't be at the mandatory 7:30 am meeting tomorrow. I'm the only one that hasw a good enough excuse. My coworker has classes, and was told that's not a good enough excuse.

I feel lucky

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Removing them sucks even more.

but the drugs are good.

Husband teases me because I can't talk well, but brings me food and cold things.

Pain killers just kicked in. will post more tomorrow.

Edit: I also just finished my second scarf. It is a mobius and is beautiful ^_^
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I went to the doctor yesterday, and they cannot guarantee this is the issue without testing, but they have a strong suspicion that I had an ovarian cyst that burst late friday night. They've advised me to just take it easy and it should get better, but if the pain doesn't go away to get to the ER.

Fun! ^_^

I have to keep telling Jake that it isn't like this EVERY month.


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