Dec. 23rd, 2007 07:34 pm
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Wilbur passed away last night. Luckily I got to him before the other children started eating him.

He'd been sick for a few weeks, so I felt it was coming. Just sucks when it does :(

Jake put him in the river (he would have wanted it that way).
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Well, more of an ominous rumble about the house. It wasn't bad enough for me to have an outburst at my stepfather, but now my mom has put the icing on the cake.

Let's rewind before I was born and layout a background story shall we?
*Makes the Wayne's world time wavey noise thing*

Before I was born, my mom loved (and still loves) having pets, she had a cat named Duffy, and a Macaw named Lucas (for example). When I was born, Lucas got so jealous of me getting attention, she (long story) would hunt me down, even into my crib, and would attack me. I was so scared of the bird, when I got to about 2, my mom decided she would have to send her to live with someone else. She had Lucas for about 15 years.

Ok, we can travel now back to the future... hehe... back to the future.


One employee at her salon has quit due to early maternity leave, and she desparately needed a new stylist to fill the position. An old friend/coworker of hers just so happens to be looking for a new place to work and takes the position. She also has inherited a blue and gold macaw (another example) from her father who just moved to california and couldn't take him along. She already has two birds and three is too many for this bird, named Tango, to get any attention.

My mom has already said yes and is meeting him tomorrow, but she has yet to break the news to my stepdad. I've already backed her because I know how depressed she gets when she is home alone and have offered him asylum in our home when me move out. Jake is supporting me as well. She is also planning on writing him in the will to go to me because he is only 6 and will easily live another 20-30 years. It's just scarey considering how pissed off Erkki is going to be once he finds out that my mom's decided to take in a pet without consulting him.

Strap on your helmets, boys, we're goin' to war.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that Tango also likes to drop the F-bomb. We're having missionaries over for dinner in 3 weeks! Woo!
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Jake and I now have children!

Hehe... not real bebbies...

We adopted (bought) two hermit crabs last week. Jake said we could each pick out one, but I kinda got to pick them both! Smaller one is named Gertrude (from me) and the large one is Frankfurter (from jake).

We've recently found out that Frankie is a girl, however.

I will post pictures when they are up and about tonight. :D


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