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So... it just so happens that a co-worker of mine bought her daughter a girl bunny. Later, they decided to get this girl bunny another girl bunny friend.

Long story short...

I'm getting a baby bunny in about a week!

They don't know the sex of the bunny, but that doesn't matter to me. It's name right now is Sugar, but the hub and I are trying to think of another name.

Just excited to find another friend for Pixel... and now is a good time because we are moving to a house and they will both be new. Should help with bonding I hope...

Anywho here are two pictures I snapped of Sugar when they brought him/her into work for me to meet them!

+1 and Pixel cuz he's jealous now )
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We got him into an ophthalmologist today to check his eyes. Unfortunately he has E. Cuniculi, a parasite that infects rabbits while still in the womb. Luckily we were able to catch it before it spread to his brain and nervous system.

Bad news is his left eye is completely blind, and there's a 70% chance that he will lose the sight in his right eye. There's already a small lesion, so we are keeping him on anti-inflammatories to help with pain, and meds to get rid of the parasite.

We're looking on the bright side of all of this: when we get a new home this coming spring (hopefully a rental house), we're planning on getting him a sighted girlfriend so that he can feel more secure with a close friend.
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But it is a change.

Pixel's iris that's "stuck" with the cloudiness isn't any less cloudy, but the iris is no longer round. It looks like some parts have let go and are trying to expand, which is a good sign.

I'll be calling the vet tomorrow morning to aks him what this means.

Hopefully that means no eye surgery for my bun-bun.

And for picture's sake, here's a pic of him glaring at us after treatment through his good eye. He sulks in his cardboard cave quite a lot.

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He never does this when we're home, but while we were out at dinner, someone decided to be adventurous. He even posed there long enough for me to get a couple pictures. I think it's because he REALLY wants to get behind the door and do some more "woodworking".

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Probably my favorite picture yet...


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As soon as we got him home yesterday, he was very woosy and not wanting to do much. This morning he was exstatic when I put food into his bowl and munched away. He hasn't really messed with his incision area, and is back to mostly playing around with his toys and cardboard cave.

Here's a pic of him looking a bit scruffy, but happy:

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Pixel is home after getting neutered this morning, although very groggy. He was a "model patient" at the vets. I instantly trusted the vet when I was told he had spayed a hamster before, so he must have pretty steady hands!

Pixel is in his cage, I'm not allowing him to hop in and out for the first day. He started eating a bit at the vets, and is now eating at home, when he doesn't fall in his dish.

I was so touched that he got excited when he saw me at the vet's office. He even licked my hand for the first time while I was closing the door to his cage! I think we're going to have a totally different bun!

He's grown quite a bit since I last posted pictures, I won't bug him today or tomorrow, but by the weekend I should have some new pics. :)
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We've found out recently that Pixel loves/hates paper. Bags, newspapers, anything! He'll jump on it until it's flattened, and chew the heck out of it. Once satisfied with his job, he'll hop back to his cage and rest.

We then sneak back in and "revive" his nemeses by crumpling/opening them back up. So evil. :P


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