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My instructor was checking out my final project, and as we were talking about it he said that in the future, if I make any more projects, I am more than welcome to bring them in. He wants to showcase them for other students!

Just.... wow.

I am so geeked out right now.

BTW: both halves (box and element) are now one, and once the cup sensor is triggered the element turns on! I even have some music that plays when the cup is removed or the basket isn't in place. Things are coming together.

Just one more week!
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As soon as I found out my chip could do this the first thought was "OMGOMGOMGOMGTHISSOUNDSSOCOOLIMUSTSHARETHEEXPERIENCEWITHEVERYONE!!!!ONE"


After doing my dance of happiness, I took a video of it and posted to share with everyone!

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So I haven't really updated on my robots lately. That's because my final CAPSTONE project, the perfect tea maker, is due in 1 1/2 weeks. I've been spending every waking moment programming, soldering, and thinking about this project.

Here's a writeup and a few videos of what I've done so far. I wanted to do much MUCH more, but time constraints and the lack of support from my project partner is causing large delays.

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I want to chuck my fsking robot out the window!

So I'd been having random problems with him not sensing, then not moving his right track forward, then the left track, then speakers not working, all while NOT changing or soldering ANYTHING.

I realize finally it's because I had to use two chip sockets for one chip, and it's put in crooked.

I fix it, and now no playback, and no movement on the left track.


So for distraction I finally sat down and hashed out the code for my tea machine. I need to code more often when I'm angry. The entire program is DONE, like I've edited multiple times and tested done.

All that's left now is the wiring, which shall be done my my project partner. I had already done a majority of work when he needed a group to join. He doesn't seem to know programming, so I've done most of it, and he and I can work together to solder it together tomorrow. Maybe we'll even have a demo ready to show.

I have so many more plans for it after school is done as well. I'm glad I paid for all of it, I'm sure it will become a permanent part of my kitchen.

Time is going by so fast. T-minus 31 days and counting. That's 9 class periods...

Great googly moogly.
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That I went to sleep last night, dreamed in code, and when I woke up, realized that I had optimized the program for my robot, removing ATLEAST 10 lines of code?

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I've added code now to turn the head, with each turn, Mortimer senses how much space he has to the left and to the right, and decides the most open option.

He gets stuck in the last bit of the video. I think it's because I haven't set a limit to how far he checks, the walls and the dining room table can be confusing to a simple bot. Shouldn't be too hard to fix.

Progress is progress!
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Here's another vid of Mortimer.

Now that I have his range finder and track motors working, I wrote a small bit of code to make him somewhat-autonomous.

Right now he just turns right when he finds an obstacle, but I'm hoping when we get back from dinner I can hook up his head motor so that he can look in either direction and decide which way is the best to turn.

Here's the vid, enjoy and COMMENT!!! ^_^

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Got his battery pack glued onto the back, Thing is, I didn't note which way to put it, so now it's REALLY difficult to attach and detach the power supply. Bleh.

So next best thing: I added a switch!

It's pretty nifty looking now. I even soldered on the head motor and the ultrasonic sensor to the circuit. I set up some code and debugged it so that what the ultrasonic sensor picked up, it sent back to my laptop. And what do you know, it works!

No pictures tonight, sorry. It all looks pretty much the same, save for a blinky red light on the sensor.

I'm hoping to set up a simple object avoidance program in the next few days, and will definitely post video about it.

P.S. I'm wondering if anyone reads all this stuff I post, I haven't gotten any comments in a while :(

Please, think of all those lonely comments needing a place to live...
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I was able to set up my own board instead of having to use the picaxe project board. I needed it for another project. I don't have enough money to afford a project board, but have all the components I need to build my own. Go fig.

Sorry, still using the camera on my phone.

The motor driver running the tracks is the one on the top, obviously, with all the wires. I've included a reset button, and the second chip that runs the "head has power now.

I REALLY need some more soldering practice.

The board I bought was just a simple one from Radioshack. The two continuous strips running down the middle I set as Vcc and ground. This is a perfect sized board because I can put nearly all the components on it, switch out the processor (if need be), and it's wide enough so that I can mount it with some screws over the hole in the middle of the boards of the body.

I got his tracks to work and wrote a simple program to get him to go forward, backward, and turn. It was mainly a test to see if my circuitry worked.

Next step will be to get the SRF05 working and to see if I can get my bot to find objects without using the head motor.

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Finally got Mortimer to sorta work. Body was built today, I haven't finished soldering the circuit board, but here he is so far with an action shot!
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Some of my robot parts came in this weekend! Yay!

Only one part is really for the tea maker, but I want to include all the pictures.

The only way I could afford the parts, was to offer to build my mom a Yellow Drum Machine if she fronted the costs.
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So the planning for my capstone project has started, and a classmate has been added as a partner. I'm sorta miffed because I've already planned out the entire system, bought 90% of the items, and have most of the programming ready to go, I'm not sure what he'll be able to get out of it. Plus, It puts a constraint on when I can work on my project, since it is a "joint thing".


Oh well, at least it's getting approved, and I get to keep the whole thing when we're done. I'm tempted to get the damned thing bronzed in recognition of me finally being done with the educational system.

We had to come up with a written proposal today, and I figured since this will take up most of my life for the next two months, I'll include each step in my journal, so you all can follow along!

Here's the written proposal for your viewing pleasure. Not bad considering it took me 15 mintues to pull the whole paper out of my ass, and run it by my teammate.

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Any thoughts or suggestions?


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