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I'm thinking of making mochi this week. Wondering what fillings I should use. I'm already head over heels for mochi ice cream, but am afraid to try the red bean paste.

Anyone else out there tried mochi?

In other news: FINALLY started on my "pleated" skirt I'd been pining over for 4 months or so. Everything is cut, just have to get the gumption to get out my sewing machine and go at it. It's really exciting to make something with a corset-type back, knowing that the more I skate, the tighter I can pull it. :D

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It's my first project ever done completely by myself, except for a bit of sizing help from my mom.

I needed something to skate in to get myself in shape. My goal is to be healthy enough come springtime to try out for my local roller derby league. Unfortunately, most companies figure the wider you are, the shorter you are, and so workout pants always look weird on me. I wanted something that I could cool off in, but wasn't too crazy to wear to the rink. Plus, I needed something to show off my crazy collections of socks. :P

I had to adjust the pattern a bit, but all in all I'm pretty proud of them!

What do you guys think?

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I've posted it everywhere else but here.... I'm a bad bad LJ'er.

So there are two reasons why I found it so difficult to find any type of outfit for cats.

One: Most cats don't need the extra insulation, and will feign death or go on a rampage when you try to put the outfit on, resulting in blood loss.
Two: You get permanently branded as the "creepy cat lady"

Well, luckily, I don't fit in either. My mom has had Kissa, a Sphynx (hairless) cat, for about 6 months, and now that it's getting cooler, has remembered how bone-chilling cold my stepdad keeps the house (to save money).

Worried as she is about her kitty, we found a few XS dog patterns (McCalls M5544). The XS was still twice her size, but we were able to shorten it a bit, and now have a pattern made just for cats!

clicky for piccies )


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