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Just want to share how thankful I am for NyQuil.

Looking to get a new car, but can't find anything that I can fit in without banging my knees or hitting my head. Quite frustrating.

Need to find something so that we can get rid of my car before it goes kaput.... again.

Oh, and being sick during the summer sucks.


May. 8th, 2009 03:55 pm
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I'm on Prednizone for my allergic reaction, which lowers my immune system's functionality. I was up all night with food poisoning.

I'm sooo done with this.
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So turns out I AM allergic to something. I have hives all over my right arm, face, abdomen, and it's starting to go down my legs.

I promise PROMISE I will post pictures.... I just can't do much without screaming at the itchieness.

The hub is not happy either, since I went to the doctor AND the E.R. after I broke into a rash.

I hate it when crap happens after I get back from vacation.
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There's this big storm that's supposed to be coming in tonight. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm now coming down with a cold the evening before my grandparents get here.

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So I was home sick from work on Friday and Monday, decided that I was well enough to make it through work, and went back Tuesday and Wednesday. We had a potluck on Wednesday that was out of this world awesome. Nearly everyone who signed up to bring stuff brought TONS of food.

Wednesday night I go to bed. Around 3 AM I start coughing up a storm, and go into the bathroom so I don't wakeup my husband. Good thing I did. I kept coughing so much I threw up whatever I had in my stomach.

So needless to say I stayed home from work again, and my cold has strengthened and knocked me flat.... again.

I hope I'm well enough to enjoy some firework watching.



Jun. 27th, 2008 01:20 pm
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Who thought you could get a nasty cold during the summer?

I was fine until around 7pm yesterday, when I started to get a sore throat. It's now spread into a cough/sorethroat/earache and I've slept for around 12 hours.

I decided to stay home from work today and just rest. It's such a workout just to get up to pee :P.

Upside is I now sound like Marge Simpson.
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No more big panic attacks lately. I'm back to my old self at work, which is a good thing. Parents are getting very snippy and unhappy with each other lately, and it's affecting me. I wonder if it's because my mom is upset we are moving back out. She keeps saying that she's happy she could "have" me a bit longer. I really don't know what to make of this.

Been really sick every morning since friday. Hurt so bad then I had to leave work early. No... I'm not pregnant. This is an intestional pain. It feels like there's a little leprechaun scraping out my insides and laughing manaically. Usually when I get it, it only lasts an hour or so. It's been lasting 2-3 hours every morning. Jake wants to take me into a specialist, but I don't want to waste anymore of our money he's worked so hard to save up, and my insurance sucks.

I'll just stick to easily digestable food, and hope I can ride it out.

Will be gone for about 4-5 days this weekend because we are moving, and no i'net until tuesday.

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 Well, it seemed like Jake and I were going to escape the hell that is sinus infection running rampant, but not so. Jake was sick all last week, and I came down with it two days ago. Of course, mine sounds like I have massive pneumonia with my rattling lungs and hurkin’ coughs, but it’s nothing really, just a side effect from bad upper respiratory history, and old habits coming back to bite me in the behind. Jake brought me cough drops/syrup yesterday, and I’ve been chuggin’ down some awesome Stephen’s Hot chocolate ^_^. Jake also found an apartment about 1 block away from his work, and about 3-4 away from mine, so we are looking forward to not have do deal with morning traffic.

I’ve chopped off all my hair again. I really need to post a picture of it. If I shower, and go straight to bed without drying it, when I wake up in the morning, I look like I belong with “A flock of seagulls”, so I put some gel in and just go with it. It doesn’t help when everyone at work listens to the 80’s station and I start to boogie to it. Now to put on my skinny white tie and rock out on a flying V guitar.

“And I ran, I ran so far away…”

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That's what I am right now. I've found it's easier to crawl to the bathroom instead of teetering back and forth half-drunkenly on my crutches. On my last trip I pulled something in my leg and now I have a charlie horse right above my busted ankle.

I'm hoping all this pain will cover any future accidents for AT LEAST 6 months.

As for now I'll just enjoy not feeling anything at all and sleeping as much as possible.

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just one more reminder that I am getting older. My ankles have swollen so much, you can't even see any definition of the ankle. It goes knee calffoot. Blech. It makes it hard to walk around, and painful because it stretches the skin.

It's really frustrating as well because I can drink water all day, down a whole bag of salty potato chips, and in the next 1-2 weeks there is no noticeable effect, then... out of the blue when ever it friggin' wants to... BAM! no more ankles.

In good news, I did go walking through my neighbor's garage sale, and I found some treasures.

First, for me, it wasn't full-sized, but I did find a good quality hurricane lamp for emergencies. For my mom, an old fashioned fire extinguisher with christmas mice insie/around it.

And for my husband... (drumroll please)

The first edition of Dungeons and Dragons in the Basic Set box! with 3 extra solo adventures!

Don't freak folks, it was only $5 for everything, and it was the 1981 printing of it... but still! The books are pretty much in pristine conditon, and it has the rubons for characters and mobs and whatnot.... sheesh, I'll just post some pictures tomorrow when I can find a camera to use.

They did have an old restored motorbike from 1969 for only $1300. I wanted it soooo bad, but when we went over to haggle price after driving by it a few times, it had been sold. Oh well.

Well, that's about it. I have my feet propped up and am just waiting for the hubby to come to bed.



Jun. 6th, 2007 02:32 am
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Today has just been one huge thing after the next. We went through all of my boxes we have down in our storage area (a vast majority of my belongings are still packed away from when they were boxed up for my wedding move) and had to find more to throw away. We then dropped off my car at the dealership to have my alarm and ebrake fixed, and to get my oilchanged, then it was off to NPS Market Square to get a hard drive enclosure for the hunny. I did find a Do Not Exit sticker (yaknow, the kind that you put on glass doors at stores and such), it's now prominently displayed on my laptop. We get everything together and head over to my sister-in-law's place to play Wii for the last time before boxing it up. Jake has to leave and is gone until around midnight or so. (after we got there at around 7pm. I'm starving and we are both exhausted and feeling icky (oh, forgot to mention I sliced my thumb when a pile of dishes ripped through a bag and broke into hundreds of pieces.). We decide to head over to Denny's to get some grub, since it is right by where we need to pick up my car.

The place is a disaster. Crap is all stuck to the table, none of them were clean. and My eggs looked like they were boiled in oil.

worse part yet is that I'm starting to get the same symptoms I had when I had my last bout of food poisoning.

I'm just hoping that it's something psychosematic that will be gone by the time I wake up.

Sorry about the ranting/whining, just had to get it out of my system.

And If I don't call back or snap at anyone, I'm just frikken tired.

Oh... and i'net is gone tomorrow so probably next time I post I will probably be in WA.

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It's taken me over 7 months of marriage to realize why it is that I get these massive incapacitating, nausea inducing headaches. It's been a huge mystery as to why I had such horrible headaches right after highschool, and now since I've been married.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

The one common factor/change that happened to caus this was my birth control pills. The hormone method has started to cause massive headaches that mask themselves as eye-strain headaches. I was completely headache free last week, and then I started my pills again two nights ago. Yesterday I was hating life for 6 hours at work.

Now I really don't know what to do. I'm hoping we can try a different kind of pill. We really can't have children until I'm done with school, and I refuse to take the shot. That has been proven to cause bone loss.

Bleh... I'm just glad the confusion and the pain is over.
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Energy is pretty much back to normal today. My lymph nodes in my neck are still really big, which makes a little difficulty in swallowing, but I was able to be up and about all day without getting too exhausted.

This weekend has really taught me a lot. We were at Costco on Saturday and saw some of the RUDEST people. One shoved my husband's had out of the way so that they could get the freshest sample. People kept bumping into me and glaring at me because I was walking so slow.

This state is starting to fall prey to greed, pride, and convenience. I've only been here 4 years and I've seen a world of change in that time. People have to buy bigger/faster cars for status purposes, and if you are in their way, you are not helping them in THEIR convenience. We swerve around people across double white lines in the HOV lane because it's necessary that we get one carlength ahead. The industry works to keep up so hard that sometimes small mistakes can cause everything to collapse. My need for convenient food is what put me through 2 days of hell.

I'm hoping that when we move, Washington will not be as bad as this. Atleast people stopped and let you into traffic there once in a while.

Final note: You can call me a religious nut, but pride cometh before the fall. And that doesn't have to be a monetary fall. New Orleans taken by Katrina, Phuket's disaster, and us being waaaaaay overdue for an earthquake. I thought I was crazy thinking it first, but the change in the general Utah public has been so severe, something revolutionary will have to happen before we stop expecting convenience.
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feeling much better today. I woke up and ate a whole bowl of cereal. I was amazed at how darn good a full stomach can feel. I'm still very weak and shaky, but hangin' in there. Luckily, because I was able to keep liquids down, we didn't have to go to the ER, and I should be back up and running normally in the next few days.

Oh, btw. The burger king on 9800 s and state street... don't EVER eat there... that place is terrible, and it's where I got my food poisoning.

Onto other news:

Found out we are getting my check from my car accident claim on Monday or Tuesday. Very exciting. My lawyer is working also on claiming underinsured claims, which means we may nearly double what I am going to get. Very good news considering I may be fired from my job from thursday's sickness. Don't get me started, I'm just sick of being in a right to work state *mumble grumble*

We are going to head out soon and see how well I can wander about Costco with a shopping cart. As weak and tired as I am, I'm getting cabin fever... :P

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Can't talk too much, I don't have enough energy right now to keep myself sitting up straight.

I think I jinxed myself with the last post I made. Yesterday morning I woke up with the worst case of food poisoning I've ever had. I didn't get to the bathroom in time, and Jake had to spend all day scrubbing the walls and such (ick :()

We ended up going to the doctor because I couldn't keep even water down. I got a shot in my butt to keep me from vomiting. They tried to give me IV fluids because I was so pale and weak (I lost the feeling in my fingertips), but my veins got so small because of dehydration, they weren't able to get it into me. He actually hit my bone by accident.... oh man.. bone pain.

I'll post more about it later. I'm able to keep cereal down now, and hubby has been waking me every hour to drink a few sips of gatorade. Kinda nice to sleep for 1 1/2 days...

Now back to bed with me.

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I think we figured out why I'm so weak and dizzy. My insomnia has kicked back in full force. It's been such a crazy/exciting week. Hubby is gradiating tonight, it's finally starting to get warmer again, and the countdown has started for us to really buckle down and get ready to move.

The past 2-3 months I've started grinding my teeth again. I've been woken up quite a few times with Jake's thumb pushing down on my jaw to keep me from doing it. I guess it really is that loud. I have a chewie now that I put in when I go to bed. I've been trying to take my "Andrea go ni'ni" pill, but if I do that, I don't get up to be ontime for work.

So I sit around, watch our evening shows, have dinner, and I get quite exhausted. I change, get ready for bed, turn off the lights, plop down, and I become WIDE FREAKIN' AWAKE.

It really irritates me. I'm hoping to get home early enough to take a sleepy sleep pill and be able to get up for class tomorrow. We shall see.

I also got a cryptic voicemail from my lawyer regarding my car wreck 3 years ago. She mentioned she has good news, so I'm hoping that means they've made a settlement and that I'm going to get all my hospital/therapy/surgery bills paid, plus a little extra in my pocket. It's not too much, but enough to go party on, get a new laptop, and help put towards a new house. All I can say is about time!

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Still feeling very weak and tired. It took all my energy just getting out of bed to run to the grocery (forgot my prescription just ran out!)

I'm hoping it's just because I haven't been sleeping well. If it doesn't get any better or gets worse, I'll probably go to the doctor on Saturday.

Other than that. Lots of resting, going back through Zelda 4 swords, an AWESOME episode of Voyager (I'm becoming a HUGE Star Trek freak).

I was able to make a tasty dinner for my hubby when he got home from class. He's been working so hard since this is his second to last day being a college student. I've been wanting to make things more healthy and not so fast food-ish. We are just so busy during the day, it's work to cook something then clean up. But anyway I was talking about this tasty dinner of mine...

So Campbell's has come out with this dinner bake thingy that doesn't already include the meat (we've used complete meals and whatnot before, they are ok, but don't taste like home cookin). They are called Supper Bakes. You buy the box, 4-6 Chicken breast halves, toss everything together and in 30 minutes you have a meal that DOES taste like homecookin' with about 1/10th the effort!

It's also good because I suck horribly at cooking chicken and rice meals, this will get me back into the swing of things.

Oh! And one other sign that my meds/therapy are working. I eyeballed the butter AGAIN tonight! Instead of dirtying our measuring spoons, I pulled out a knife, chunked a couple of bits of butter out of the tub, and was happy with not making sure it was exactly 2 tablespoons.

I didn't realize how relaxing life can be when I don't have to be paranoid that I'm going to mis-measure something.

And... last thing I promise ... I am going to be finished with my second sock in the next 2-3 days! I'm very proud of myself. I have a team lead at work that I think deserves 'em. She takes such good care of us. After those, I'm starting on my husbands tabi. I found a pattern online that is modeled after the traditional cloth version. It even has a simulated seam in the back and charts are included so that you can put their chinese horoscope on the side. It will be fun to finally make something I'll seen worn around the house other than myself :P

Ooogh... that was enough excitement for one night. Time to head back to bed and get ready for the super-awesome-fun-day at work tomorrow.

No.... really.
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So I've been lying around all day wondering why I feel so dang weak, and decide visiting with my Snb group would do me some good, but was not a wise idea. It took all the strength I had to just sit there and knit.

I feel really weak, and I'm getting the same "electrical" feelings going through my face and arms like when I was going through Paxil withdrawal.

I nearly passed out walking to the car after running to the grocery to get some feel-good stuffs.

I hope work doesn't make me show up tomorrow, I want to sleep all day.


Apr. 24th, 2007 04:12 pm
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Playing with babies are fun, but if they have runny noses at all, it can be assured that I will get whatever bug they have...

Took a nice long shower to help dislodge the ickiness, got a bowl of cereal, and settled down to watch a two-parter of ST:Voyager.

Debating if I should go to the SnB tonight. I'm gonna go rest some more.


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