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I was having a pretty awesome dream, a friend of mine (combination of many friends put together into one face), was singing with this ska band a song I've never heard before. I was having fun dancing when all of a sudden the music stopped and I got


I give up.
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Don't suddenly go off meds, and then go back on them.

I was without my Zoloft for a week, and then went back on it last night...

Now everything sweet smells nauseatingly like pepper. I can't eat anything with corn syrup in it. When I burp, my nose stings with the smell of pepper.

I freaking hate pepper.
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So after totally kicking butt on the rink, I left home today to get some pizza for dinner, and tripped on the last step up from our apartment building. Totally biffed it.

I didn't feel any pain, except some stinging in my palms and knees, so I went on my way and got dinner.

It's now about 2 1/2 hours later and I've been sitting on the couch. I try to sit up and my shoulders are on fire.

I think I shall be hating life by tomorrow evening.
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Get Smart season one is out on dvd FINALLY.

I will try to post pics of my decorating above the fireplace for my husband's 2nd anniversary present, but I can't promise anything. My eyes will be glued to the tv for the next 30 episodes.

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No matter how many times I've seen each episode. I still have my DVR record every showing of How It's Made.

I know... I'm an industrial junkie.
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Even though I haven't bought icecream off the streets for years, I still get giddy inside when I hear the icecream man.
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So everyone knows I'm like a direct descendant from Murphy, including his damn laws right?

Alright, I'm in the shower, been relaxing because hub put in a new showerhead that was taller for me. I'm in mid shampoo, closing my eyes because of suds, when I hear a pop and water continuing to run, but nothing hitting my head. I wipe the suds from my eyes to see the faucet head off to the side with water coming out of the wall.


Luckily the handle was able to turn the water off, and we had a second bathroom, AND all of our blinds were closed. I forgot to grab my towel heading into the bathroom, and running around blindly and naked would have been a great show for my neighbors.

I guess I don't get all my genes from Murphy. Hmph.
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So this week I'm spending on standby at work, which means I show up, if they need me I work, if not I go home. Problem is, trying to figure out a cheap/effective way to this. Solution: Ride into work with hubby (so he can get carpool privileges), and go home on the bus.

Problem is, I've only ridden the bus on my own twice, and I didn't know there was a different schedule for winter and summer. My bus home no longer stopped at the same stop as my first bus.

I ended up down in the SODO district, and walked about 2 miles around and about, finally finding my way to the SODO bus transfer station.

Holy crap, I figured out my own way home! And no panicking!!! This is a huge step, considering the numerous panic attacks I've had the past week. I'm hoping this is some kind of improvement, and that I can focus on the feeling of not being panicked.

I think I can do this again. Will try a different route tomorrow if I don't have to work.
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remember this post?

Well, we went to the orthopedics' today to get my splint off and to take a look at my ankle. Someone was getting iodine on something, or it was the smell of the sterile cleaning agents, or just in my head, but I started feeling overheated and nauseous. When we walked out, I got dizzy and had to sit down, about 30 seconds later anything that was in my stomach was now in a wastebasket.

The ladies at the desk didn't know what to do. I guess they don't get pukers at the orthopedic office often.

Hospital: 2
Me: 0
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If you don't use your insurance, and decide to cancel it until company insurance kicks in, don't go down any stairs that day.

I was walking down the stairs from class not more than 5 hours after I cancelled our insurance, and I thought I had gone down all 8 steps...

... there were nine.

I twisted my ankle and fell to the ground, unable to move for quite some time because of all the pain. Paramedics in a firetruck came to make sure I wasn't dying, and my Mom and Jake came to pick me up. So luckily no expensive ambulance drive.

after 3 hours at the ER we've found out there is no fracture, but my right ankle is so swollen they can't tell if I've done any huge ligament or tendon damage.

I was given a prescription for painkillers and they make the lights pretty.

Me go now... sleepy sleep.
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I just twisted my ankle walking in from the garage (helping friends move stuff out so we can move in), and I forgot to watch for the step down, and I've twisted my ankle. I freaked because I heard a "SNAP!" when I went down, but it was just my ankle popping out of joint.

So no broken bones, and I can walk alright, but this means no zombie walk tomorrow. Poo.

I guess I'll just have to wait for next time. I will be there in spirit, guys.
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I hate packing.

That is all.
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Woot! It works! I just installed, a posting thingy that makes it so I don't have to use the website to make my posts (honestly, the text editor in the site crashes on me about 50% of the time). It even pulled up what music I was listening to.... though with that extra bit of information, it may cause you all to question my sanity even more *peers around intently*

Anywho... will post more later whilst at work. I start my swatches for my ds and laptop case today!

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Hehehehe... guess what a test is!

Create your own Friend Test here

Oh, and if you are THAT opposed to submitting your info, you can put your answers (abcd) in a comment and I will tell you what ones you got right!
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So since I was all high and mighty about the rockin' ds lite cozy I made a few weeks back, it was requested that I make another so that their spouse did not get jealous (and now she probably knows who it's for, you know who you are :P). Everything was rockin'. I figured out how to use waste yarn to pull out for live stitches so that the ears didn't look as funky. I even did some i-cording and increasing in i-cord for a tail, but when it got to the nose I was ready to rip the damn little bugger apart.

The nose was all bulbous and whatnot, so I tore the nose apart and started again, accidentally cutting the yarn too short, but was able to make do with it. I also raveled the ears to make them slant out a bit more. All that is left now is to sew on the velcro closing and I am calling it done. Perfection in knitting is the bane of my existence...

Now that I'm finished (well nearly), I'm getting ready to start on my own ds case. Like I've said, I am a HUGE Zelda fan. I'm currently working on collecting every Zelda release, and have most of the US releases, I'm trying to play them through, but sometimes my ADD addled brain doesn't have enough patience. I've found some green wool yarn that I will be knitting and then felt, and then I have some yellow roving that I will use to needle felt onto the back (or the front? I can't decide yet) to represent the triforce... ooh mebbe both!

I'm also starting on a laptop cozy to put in my bag to protect it from scratches. I'm using my hubby's laptop measurements (since they will be the same), and I'm going to try my hand at a fair isle knitting pattern, and felting it as well.

I hate little piggies when they are supposed to be cute, kitty-like things.

*grumbles and wanders off*
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How well do YOU really know me?

Create your own Friend Test here

I want to eventually be evil and do a 20 question thingy, but I'm at work and calls are rolling in like crazy.
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So I finally did it. I bought a copy of Pokemon, and honestly, I'm quite impressed.

The commercials really didn't do it justice. They showed some of the battling, but none of the 3D stuff and how the pokemon actually move instead of shake and move around.

Plus, I got it at a pretty nifty price. 29.99! It's going for 35-39 everywhere else, but I *heart* Costco. I'll post more about it later probably because I'm going to be sucked in for the next few days.

Started on a new project. I made a ds lite cozy for my friend that looked like pikachu. I tried to match the color as best as possible and even added on ears and a tail! The tail was murder to do and I did try to make arms and legs, but it made Pikachu look a little too.... er... "special"...  Yeah... it was bad.

I've started on another one now, and I'm seriously thinking of posting them to a few free knitting sites. Since the characters and whatnot I'm using are copyright other companies, they will be at no charge. Once we figure out if we want to keep my DS or get a DS lite (DS does not work on our network. waaah) I will make a cozy for mine. it'll look like Link! I'm a Zelda freak. I even found a sweater pattern that has oldschool link with the name in japanese!
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It's taken me over 7 months of marriage to realize why it is that I get these massive incapacitating, nausea inducing headaches. It's been a huge mystery as to why I had such horrible headaches right after highschool, and now since I've been married.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

The one common factor/change that happened to caus this was my birth control pills. The hormone method has started to cause massive headaches that mask themselves as eye-strain headaches. I was completely headache free last week, and then I started my pills again two nights ago. Yesterday I was hating life for 6 hours at work.

Now I really don't know what to do. I'm hoping we can try a different kind of pill. We really can't have children until I'm done with school, and I refuse to take the shot. That has been proven to cause bone loss.

Bleh... I'm just glad the confusion and the pain is over.
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Sometimes when I am tired enough, usually from no sleep, I start to dream very strange dreams, and if anything wakes me up, I'm still halfway in that dream world and half in the real world.

My alarm goes off and I roll over to look at the time. I sit bold upright in bed and scream "HOLYCRAPI'MGONNABELATEHUNNYGRABMEFOODIGOTTAGETDRESSEDANDGO!", probably scaring my hubby half to death.

I grab the nearest shirt and jeans, throw them on, and begin to run out the door when Jake yells "Hunny, It's 8:44."

"Yeah I know, I'm gonna be late!"

"No... It's EIGHT 44."

I work at 10...

So after a few choice words and chucking all my belongings back on the floor, I went and crashed on the bed for another 30 minutes.

It was hard to get back to sleep, when you have a husband that can't stop giggling though...


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