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After about a two month hiatus started by my finals and having strange nerve issues in my foot, I geared up the courage to go out skating again.

This time I played it smart. My skates now have toeguards, thick laces, and new insoles with arch support. Holy cow, what a world of a difference!

I can tell that I'm going to be sore as hell tomorrow. I really need to stay in habit of my weekly skating sessions.

Gal Dangit

Nov. 3rd, 2008 11:06 pm
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I'm trying to continue to tell myself that it's just a small blockade and that I can overcome this, but had to leave the skating rink trying not to sob like a baby.

There's this nerve that runs down my leg to my foot that has somehow gotten pinched. Whenever any pressure is applied to the top of my foot, I want to double over from the pain that shoots to my toes and up my leg. It started up the last time I was skating, but I thought it was just a one time thing. Now my foot hurts randomly even without shoes on.

I really don't want to give up on this dream, but I'm being forced to think twice about the derby.

*insert random sobbing and cuss words here*
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I've been so engrossed in my robot, that I haven't really talked about myself here lately.

So here goes:

Had to stop skating for a while. Hub still doesn't have a job, so we're still coasting on savings. I have found a group that does training for the roller derby, and they meet at the same rink I skate at! I'm excited to get started once I get a job and can justify the $10 per session.

We have been having friends over lately, and it's been a lot of fun. Jake got us Rockband 2 last Sunday when the special edition came out, and we have also been playing Fable 2 nonstop. Well, he plays Fable 2 and I... well I said I wasn't going to talk about it today.

Went out to dinner last night with my parents to FINALLY celebrate our birthdays. During the day, Jake rode the bus to Redmond to have lunch with a few friends while I was in class, and I met him up in Seattle. We then went to the aquarium, which was AWESOME!

They have a whole exhibit with my most favoritest fish of all time. The box fish. I call it a cow fish, because of the horns on its head, or the minivan fish, on account of the way it moves.

I took a vid. I wanted to say VRRROOOOMMMM! every time he swam by.

We then walked around the piers for a while and meandered through Pike Place Market. So all in all, a good Friday was had.

We're also planning our trip to Utah for Thanksgiving. The hubs fam is getting together in St. George, so we're flying to vegas, then taking a shuttle over. I'm excited to see everyone again, and my mother in law has requested I bring my skates.

Oh man, I just remembered that's the last week of finals. The end of school is getting so close! I've finished my exit interview with Career Services already, ordered my cap/gown, and even got some announcements. I can't believe they do a ceremony even for Associates degrees.

Not much else going on other than that. Just enjoying the time with my husband, pushing forward, and working hard to keep an upbeat attitude.

Oh, and tomorrow night I'm making spaghetti with meaty meat sauce. We haven't had that in a few weeks. Should be scrumptious.
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Went skating tonight, and instead of wearing spiderman outfit, the weird guy dressed as Space Ghost, with a vinyl elvis wig.

Very interesting people.

On a side note:

Skating is going much better. I'm still out of shape, but I keep skating faster and last longer out on the rink every time I go. I worked more on perfecting crossovers while skating within the borders of a standard derby flat track.

And I did the speed skate! Oh man, it was so awesome. Derby girls are always at the adult skates, and there's another girl training for booty camp in January. We've kinda banded together and she's even given me some pointers.

It's just amazing. I've been searching to find myself, and to find people that I fit in with. For my entire life, I've searched for those that I fit in with. Along the way, I've found a few people, but as a group, I still feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. The more people I meet that are in roller derby, the more welcome I feel, the more excited I get about being a derby girl, the better about myself I feel.

If I can do this, then I can take on anything in the world. Past failures or not.
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I kid you not this is what I saw on ONE guy:

mullet wig, headband, Speed Racer Helmet, Spiderman jumpsuit, with neon yellow shorts with a smiley face on the butt.

It was crazy!
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I went out tonight and was able to stay the entire time (well, minus the last 10 minutes). The burning in my legs wasn't so bad, and I didn't feel like my joints were going to give out at any second. I even started doing crossovers again!

Hubby still isn't too thrilled I want to do this, he's still afraid I'll break my leg. I guess when I'm placed in a more dangerous situation, I'm less dangerous to myself. I felt my grace come back, and was no longer the person that bumbles around the rink looking like they have the stance of a sumo.

People there are still very nice, and I'm getting more and more comfortable starting up conversations.

Jake doesn't believe my gracefulness, so I challenged him to come skate with me next week. We'll see how it goes.

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Not too sore today, just feel like I helped a friend move a bit. Except my left knee has turned a beautiful shade of purple.
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So I thought since I want to start roller derbyin' after I was finally done with school, I'd get back out and start skating again to get the hang of things. I've had a pair of skates that I spent over $200 on and have worn twice in seven years. I bought them during a long-distance relationship for love. Yeah, I do stupid things like that. After we broke up, I decided to keep the skates still, knowing that one day, I'd want to put them on again.

I get there, put on my skates, and do the wibble wobble around the rink a few times, getting the feel for having feet that want to fly out from under me (I forgot I had replaced the standard bearings with speed bearings). I realize that I'm dripping sweat and am starting to shake, so I sit down for a song or so, watching others skate around.

As the third song starts, I feel the gumption to get back up, take two steps forward and *WHAM* slam my knee that I had surgery on a few years ago, right into the floor. I was waiting for the inevitable pain of tearing joints or some type of dislocation, but it didn't come. I hopped back up and kept going. I did feel a burn after going around a few times, but settled into a rhythm that kept the burn at a comfortable level.

I only lasted 45 minutes to an hour out on the rink, but it's a battle won. Now's the time to take some ibuprofen, get lotsa rest, and ready for the aches and pains that will join me tomorrow. And every tuesday thereafter, because I plan to go every week.

I am so poooped. 'Ta.

P.S. I just got invited to a Halloween party and I haven't done any costuming in nearly 4 years! Any suggestions for a quick fix? I had the idea of getting some fake fur in bright colors at the fabric store and turning them into some type of hunter's outfit, claiming to hunt muppets. Thoughts?


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