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Cooking Mama, The Unauthorized PETA Edition: Mama Kills Animals

Yes, it's an actual game. No, I don't think they asked if they could use it because there are no licensing notices on the site. Yes, I freaking love Cooking Mama, and this made it more enjoyable eating turkey that it made me hungry.

Yes, I'm a sick sick meat-tarian. Deal with it.
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I got bored and was perusing the documentaries section, and found "The Natural History of the Chicken".

My curiosity was peaked.

It was.... very entertaining.

Just imagine the first scene with an elderly woman talking about how she gave one of her chickens CPR after finding it frozen outside, bringing it into the house, and plopping it onto the table to bury it later after the snowstorm.

It then goes on to talk about cockfighting, not legal implications, but the noise level and just how annoying it was to live next to a guy who raised roosters for cockfighting.

So.... weird... I was... entranced.

Just had to share.
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Animal Shorted Out Power Line, Officials Say

REDDING, Calif. -- With southern California fighting wind-driven flames and spot fires breaking out across northern California, firefighters have fingered at least one arsonist: an unlucky squirrel.

Redding firefighters said the squirrel set off the blaze when it shorted out a power line, caught fire and dropped into dry vegetation.

Battalion Chief Gerry Gray said it took 18 firefighters and six fire engines to fight the fire that started behind a Redding restaurant.

The fire briefly threatened a home before it was contained Monday.

Redding Electric Utility spokesman Pat Keener said about 200 customers might have noticed their electricity flicker when the squirrel shorted out the high-voltage power line. But the incident did not cause a power outage.

link to story

(just thought this story was pretty funny)


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