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My instructor was checking out my final project, and as we were talking about it he said that in the future, if I make any more projects, I am more than welcome to bring them in. He wants to showcase them for other students!

Just.... wow.

I am so geeked out right now.

BTW: both halves (box and element) are now one, and once the cup sensor is triggered the element turns on! I even have some music that plays when the cup is removed or the basket isn't in place. Things are coming together.

Just one more week!
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As soon as I found out my chip could do this the first thought was "OMGOMGOMGOMGTHISSOUNDSSOCOOLIMUSTSHARETHEEXPERIENCEWITHEVERYONE!!!!ONE"


After doing my dance of happiness, I took a video of it and posted to share with everyone!

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So I haven't really updated on my robots lately. That's because my final CAPSTONE project, the perfect tea maker, is due in 1 1/2 weeks. I've been spending every waking moment programming, soldering, and thinking about this project.

Here's a writeup and a few videos of what I've done so far. I wanted to do much MUCH more, but time constraints and the lack of support from my project partner is causing large delays.

click for pictures and further in-depthness )
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I just discovered my favorite tea, and I made it myself!
Two parts spearmint, one part lemon verbena.
Put into a tea strainer, steep for 5 minutes.

I did ad some stevia for sweetness, but the whole thing taste very light, almost like lightly flavored sugar water, and my mouth feels cool after the heat dissipates from the hot water.

I feel really spoiled living so near an apothecary that can get me any kind of dried herb I need.

I'm tempted to use my knowledge to make a tea mix for everyone for christmas, but I'm not really sure how many will actually use it.

I know my 1 oz of spearmint is not going to last very long...

EDIT: If you need to know, I'm drinking spearmint tea for another reason that just liking it. I've had issues with hair in places only guys should have, and with anger/fighting urges, and doctors in the past suspecting I may have PCOS, I'm beginning to feel like I have some type of hormonal imbalance. Spearmint helps lower the level of testosterone in the system. So guys, if you cherish your manhood/sexdrive, don't eat/drink too much stuff that has natural spearmint flavor in it! ;) ... but once in a while is good, spearmint helps with upset tummies.
(article can be found here)


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