Going home

May. 2nd, 2009 10:59 pm
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Getting packed up and will be driving home tomorrow.

Bout tonight was amazing. Met a girl that's a pivot that is taller than me. Rock.

Oh, and you can track our trip home here if you're bored: http://www.tainteddonuts.com/trackme/

I'll post pics when I get home too :D
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Got up to the ranch around 8pm and were greeted by two dumb/happy dogs. Sad that the little miniature schnauzer they had passed away since last time we visited.

Now it's time to put away the laptop now that you all know I'm here safe in Utah. Drinking some lemon tea and listening to the sandhill cranes in the distance really changes one's perspective quickly.

I also took some pictures. Some totally wicked rock formations while on the drive up the canyon.

'Ta :)
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Just got back from being over in Utah for a few days. Since we had been gone for nearly a year, everyone wanted to see us. Unfortunately, we did not get enough time to really enjoy not having to work, but it was nice to see family nonetheless.

The search for a "real" home starts again. With the average price of gas at nearly 4.12 here in WA, we're thinking we may move out of state sooner than planned.

*sigh* I just wish we could have a job to live comfortably like we did in Utah again.
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Just got back from a weekend in Spokane. Hung out with friends and were away from parental units. really made us feel like an actual married couple again.

I need to get out of this house more often :P
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Don't get the title wrong, I've met Nic and his family before, but never alone, it was always with parental units, or cousins/friends/whatnot. I was a bit nervous I wouldn't fit in, or make things uncomfortable, because even thought Jake new them so well, I had only met them on 3 separate occasions.

Jake and Nic immediately started chatting about life and reminiscing about the past, his wife and I sat there quietly, finding small bits to talk about. Nic made us dinner (fried chicken sammiches which were OH SO GOOD!), we busted out the Wii and played a little Raving Rabbids. It was mainly Nic and Jake playing, so I got a bit more time to talk with his wife, Lisa. She mentioned that she loved the Harry Potter novels, and I shared my enthusiasm. Then she mentioned that she would absolutely love to go to the midnight release (which happened to be the first night we were there). We both put on our shoes and hopped out the door, walking towards Albertsons. We stood there quietly for some time until we got to where we were 5th in line. "Sorry! All books are sold out!", so we convinced my husband to come pick us up and take us to another bookstore. I got about 6 chapters in that night.

Got up on Saturday and went to this park that has an amusement park and carousel. The carousel is actually from 1909. I was afraid to ride it because of my weight, but decided to give it a shot anyway. I had a blast! They actually had the pole that sticks out with rings on it that you pluck as the horse goes by and then you try to toss it in this hole. We then went and got some sno-cones, and fought over who could try who's flavor.

I also forgot to mention I found out something else that's funny about my husband. He doesn't get sick on a teacup ride, but will turn green on a carousel.

I'm really glad that we live closer to these folks, not just for my husband's sake, but for mine as well. I really love it that we are getting some married friends, and I absolutely loved being with Lisa, and playing with their children. I hope plans go well and that we can all build a duplex together. Both her and I have some similar goals with family. We both want to grow a small garden in the backyard, and we both go gaga for roller coasters.

All in all an awesome weekend, and I hope more will be had :)


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