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This weekend break between work and packing we've been busy driving around and having fun. Saturday was spent cleaning out my car, and then going over with pizza and Pirate Booty to our friends' house to watch the first two Pirates movies and then drive over to watch the 3rd. They were planning on not having their kidlets for the movie, but as Murphy's Law dictates, they came with us for a 10:45 pm showing. The littlest one started squirming and getting a bit antsy, and his mom asked me to hold him. As soon as he found my chest of pillowness, he was soon asleep. They both slept through the whole movie!

I claim that playing with other people's kids helps fill my need for having some of my own, but it doesn't. Afterwards, my drive for children gets even harder to push aside. I gotta get done with the last of my classes ASAP.

But anywho... back to the voyaging we did...

Jake has made this goal to take me to all these beautiful places I've never been to in Utah before we move to Washington. We went up to Guardsman's pass and checked out the cars chucked over the edge in the past, drove through Heber and walked a few trails.

On Sunday, we went up to visit the folks and partake in some NUMMY ribs. After dinner while there was still some light out, my hubby took me down to the cabin that kept the Jordanelle resevoir from being put in Pine Valley. His great-great-grandfather's cabin is much like a museum inside, and it's on the national list of Historical Places (if you don't believe me, go here and look for Building - #85001137). We even got to play an old hand-crank Victrola!

I did take pictures and get some video. Since I was using a camera phone, a lot of the pictures did not come out too well, so I'm hoping to take my good camera up there and get some nice shots of all the cool stuff.

Other than that, it's been exploring big and little Cottonwood Canyons, and going out to the places to eat we'll miss after moving out of state.

Anywho... it's MEGA late, and I need to sleep. We start packing the kitchen tomorrow.

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If you live in the Utah area this is for you. everyone does not need to worry.

If you were upset about Comcast using the EAS system every 15 minutes for a girl who took her 5 month old child that needed medical attention and actually CALLED to complain about it, you guys really need to take another look at what's more important.

Your recording of Babylon 5 or a CHILD'S LIFE

I see an easy answer here.

I really hate seeing how people are turning out in this day and age.
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Taking time to relax this weekend. I usually only work 3 days a week, so every other week I have Friday-Sunday  off. Now, since call volume at Comcast has risen, we are required to work an extra 5 hours a week. Up to 4 days a week now, but it isn't so bad.

We took time to have fun and play. We ended up taking Trax (public train system) into SLC to go have lunch at Long John Silvers, the only one we have found in Utah yet. It's in a mall that will shut down on April 10th permanently when they demolish the whole building. There is a mall across the street that has already met the same fate. It was wild to be able to see the sky through different places, and the HUGE hole that was in the ground where parking was set up. I also got to stand at the very center of the city. It's where the first survey was made, all street numbers are named from that point. I find it really cool that whenever we go anywhere, Jake always manages to find some bit of history or trivia in everything. I feel like I'm on a field trip!

After lunch and wandering, we headed over to a rare book store and poured through all the really old charts and books. There was one handwritten biblia there by Martin Luther. It even had a lock on the side. Must have been at least 2 feet wide, one foot across and 8-10 inches thick.

My love/obsession with books has gone to epic proportions now that I have a library card. I'm actually heading out there as soon as I finish this post.

Yeah, leaving now. Bye!


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