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This anime is sooooooooo sweet!

It's not licensed in the US yet, but when they do release it here, I'll be sure to buy it! has all the eps fansubbed if you want to watch more!

I swear my neighbors in the building across from us could hear me squeal in delight when Chi went after the shoelaces....
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I got bored and was perusing the documentaries section, and found "The Natural History of the Chicken".

My curiosity was peaked.

It was.... very entertaining.

Just imagine the first scene with an elderly woman talking about how she gave one of her chickens CPR after finding it frozen outside, bringing it into the house, and plopping it onto the table to bury it later after the snowstorm.

It then goes on to talk about cockfighting, not legal implications, but the noise level and just how annoying it was to live next to a guy who raised roosters for cockfighting.

So.... weird... I was... entranced.

Just had to share.
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The l337ness is almost too much to handle.

What would you say if you got beat buy a bird named Walter?

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And I think he could be Jake's new favorite on Youtube. We both died laughingwatching this.

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This clock is freaking awesome. If i had the skillz I'd make one...


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