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Orientation was pretty bad-ass. Well... boring, but the information provided within is amazing. I may be able to finally get a MRI to find out what's causing my severe sinus migraine thingies for only $20 copay. That is effing amazing.

Job is really cool too. Everyone is incredibly laid back and you are instantly a friend with everyone there. It has to be this way because 70%+ of the people here have a disability. And before you ask, yes, I qualify as one because of my anxiety.

Other than that, my job will be to inspect chromium paint jobs on aircraft parts. Not the most exciting, but I'll also receive in-depth training on blueprints (which I didn't get in school), specializing in Boeing's procedures.

And yeah, the benefits are just effing amazing. As long as I don't find out on my first real day at work that it's all a sham, I might just stick around here for a while (e.g. quite a few years).

Oh, and I'll be working in Ballard, in north Seattle, so not a terrible commute, either. Just 12-15 minutes.

ok.. nini time for Zanth. Seattle Gift Show starts tomorrow. I'm meeting up with my mom to find products for her salon, and square scarves for wrapping christmas presents furoshiki style.

OK! So...

Apr. 3rd, 2009 11:13 pm
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I've been working at my new job for two weeks and all is going great, until I start making some power cables that have a gasket I just can't get around the diameter of the cable. I don't have strong manly arms, just puny girly arms. I was trying to think of what would work best. All I had around was dishsoap; wasn't able to use that because it's slightly conductive.

I decided it would be best (and cheap) to just get some mineral oil. Non-conductive and a great lubricant!


I did a search and the only non-scented mineral oil I could find was at Walgreens... the laxative section.

I was tempted to waddle in there and ask loudly if this would help to the cashier.

I'm finding that one is having to become more and more inventive when dealing with electronics.
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Through the grapevine I heard that 5 more people walked on Wednesday. And more have been leaving. This includes those who have come back year after year for multiple contracts at Nintendo.

Something is seriously wrong with this company. I fear for my friends' sanity that can't just up and quit.
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You might have said to yourself "gee, she sure turned quickly on Nintendo."

Unfortunately this isn't the case. I've kept my mouth shut about a lot of things because I wasn't sure about what would get me in trouble with the NDA I signed. Also, I had a waning faith in this company that I so loved throughout all my years growing up that they would somehow redeem themselves. Well, it didn't happen. NOA employees get treated fairly nice, where if you are an associate (contractor) you have little above servant status. We are treated as if we have no intelligence, and anything we suggest usually gets turned down. I've fought a battle ever since I started there with my boss, because a coworker constantly complained about me instead of talking to me face-to-face. There's a whole lot more, but I would be here all night typing.

I stuck it through a good 6 months, and kept a lot of my tears to myself in a vain attempt to prove that I CAN stick with something and succeed, when all around me is failing.

Maybe I should just give into the failure and learn from it, then move on. I've made many good friends there that I will keep in touch with, and my confidence in speaking in front of large groups has grown.

It will be nice to play housewife for a bit while I'm looking for another job.
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Yep, it is.

Does my boss know? no
Her boss? no
Company? no

Friends? some

I'm so tired of being treated like I'm worthless, I can find somewhere better to work. Just took me until today to realize that I will never go anywhere up with this job. On top of that, we still don't have a solution for the "no ac" situation, and no one seems to really care. NOA employees are more interested in their own stuff and making sure stuff is done instead of making sure their Associates really want to keep working there.

F**k you Nintendo. Take your job and shove it.
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So this week I'm spending on standby at work, which means I show up, if they need me I work, if not I go home. Problem is, trying to figure out a cheap/effective way to this. Solution: Ride into work with hubby (so he can get carpool privileges), and go home on the bus.

Problem is, I've only ridden the bus on my own twice, and I didn't know there was a different schedule for winter and summer. My bus home no longer stopped at the same stop as my first bus.

I ended up down in the SODO district, and walked about 2 miles around and about, finally finding my way to the SODO bus transfer station.

Holy crap, I figured out my own way home! And no panicking!!! This is a huge step, considering the numerous panic attacks I've had the past week. I'm hoping this is some kind of improvement, and that I can focus on the feeling of not being panicked.

I think I can do this again. Will try a different route tomorrow if I don't have to work.
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Two good friends I've made while working at Nintendo had their last day of work today. One was moving on to a "real" job, a start to his career, and the other is moving to Oregon to live with his soon-to-be in laws until he goes off to the air force. I brought them cupcakes, berated them for leaving, and wished them the best of luck. It's strange how close I feel to some people I've worked with for just four months.

As with the tears? Well my supervisor did it again. Long story short, my husband was stuck at work ALL NIGHT, and I had so much trouble sleeping. I got up, went to work, and realized that I had finals tonight and needed to prepare. I asked my sup if I could leave one hour early, and I would make sure that quota was more than filled. Instead of addressing that, she instead proceeded to basically "snarl" at me how five people didn't bother to show up and three have already left early because they felt tired. I was shocked at how fast she can turn. I can understand being upset that I coincidentally want to leave early on the first good day of spring, but considering that this was only the second time I've had an unauthorized absence, it should not have been a huge deal.

To be honest, she scares me to death, I have to take off my shoes and count my toes in order to keep track of how many times I've regressed to sobs and screaming because of this woman, and nothing was being done about it. I tried telling the temp manager, and she told me to write a report on what has happened, but did nothing to move me. I then went to my NOA manager, he said that he would have a talk with my sup, but I guess he didn't want to lose me.

I ended up bawling on my second aforementioned friend's shoulder on his last day, sobbing and shaking like a baby in front of all of my coworkers. More embarrassed than anything, I took off and tried to get away from everyone, hah, fat chance. I was rounded up and told that now was the time to talk to Andy (main temp boss guy) about what's been happening.

It's amazing the feeling you get when you get to the right person who will get things done. He asked for details, and wanted to know everything that I could remember word for word. He even stopped me before I left work to ask a few more questions and will follow up with me on Monday. Hopefully I might be moved somewhere else. To be honest, I don't mind staying until after our warehouse moves, which is in two weeks, I just don't want her to mess with me, or ANYONE else.

Ok.... now that that's off my chest, on to fun news.

I've been unofficially nominated, "Leader and morale coordinator" for our group of friends at work. A bunch of us are getting together tomorrow at 3pm to wander Pike St. Market to enjoy the festivities of their annual cheese festival. It started from a group of 2-3 to a horde of atleast 15-20 people saying that they will be there. We are so starved at work for some kind of fun and team building that people are starting to look for me to get going. It is a lot of fun because I can get people to laugh, and I'm making new friends, but I think it might be what's causing some frustration with my sup because I can get people to do things she has to crack her whip to get them to do grudgingly.

I'm also hoping to have a summer BBQ one weekend out on a lake. If I can get some more helpers, then it could include the whole warehouse. I'm hoping to pitch it to the temp agency and Nintendo to see if they can donate some funds/food to the cause. Would be fun to do summer games too like 3-legged race, etc. with prizes!

Well, that's it for now, just feeling wordy and getting it all out in one go. Parents will be gone tomorrow when I get home, and then 3 week house party!
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So this is the second day I've gotten in trouble for talking, so I made a concerted effort to NOT talk to anyone today... and I actually got a compliment at the end of the day by a certain "someone". I have a feeling this "someone" is also the one that complained about me in the first place.

It drives me insane to sit there silently, so I have a plan... I'm going to sneak in my mp3 player and earphones. I'm hoping that will keep me entertained and busy.

There's this huge pressure in the background, screaming that I could be the next laid off (about 50-60 were laid off Friday), and I don't want to do anything to screw up my chances of staying around. If I can stick it out, I hope to even get out of my old evil line. that's what this whole overtime thing is about.

I'm slowly killing myself for recognition.

*cue Cake song*
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I really need to start actively posting again. Work has really sucked up all my energy. It will even more next week (doing nearly 30 hours of overtime) trying help another team catch up. I'm excited to help out, and also meet some new people.

Made bacon cookies again. This time I used yellow cake mix. It's teh awesome.

Our wii is having issues playing discs. I'm taking it to work tomorrow to get it fixed so that nothing goes wrong for the Super Smash Brawl party I'm throwing this weekend.

And I'm watching the cat compulsively paw at a soft blanket. It's the only one she does it on. We call it "making biscuits"

I'm cooking a nice sit down dinner for a friend of mine at work and my fam, will post on how that goes. I've really gotten into glancing at a recipe, and then making my own recipe up.

Oh! I forgot! I made a quiche, two actually. They turned out super good. Of course, 'cause it had bacon in it.
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Still having fun working at Nintendo. I'm making very good impressions with my manager, and I hope it helps in consideration when I apply for something higher. Getting stoked for super-awesome-console-gaming-Super-Saturday!

Here's a vid too. Enjoy:

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Yesterday: A photo of someone's kids

Today: two nickels, half a peanut m&m wrapper, and a plastic disk used as a fake cd in a kid's toy.

(Note: all money found in drives goes into a group fund, and when it reaches about $20 we all get doughnuts!)


But onto good news:

I was invited into a circle of friends today! This one girl I've been talking with about knitting (I really need to work on my ravelry site) sat down with me at lunch, all her friends came over, and we spent our lunchtime quoting GIR and talking about anime. It feels really good to have a group to hang out with a little each day. It's feeling more and more like highschool.

My ego was also stroked today. I was taken off of the testing line to go into a new "experimental" line. They've never done work like this before, but they picked me and two other girls because they wanted "someone who can pay attention to details and be very precise". They can tell that after having me work there for just 3 days? I think I'm rockin' it.

I'm sooo wasted right now, chain chomp hat is done, just making the chain for it, and I'll be wearing it to work on monday.

Have a good weekend all. I'm gonna sleep!
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Nothing interesting found in Wiis today. HOWEVER....

I finally made my way to the nintendo employee store.

OH EM GEE. Nerd heaven.

I was finally able to pick up a wiizapper, a zippy thing for my id card and a wiimote keychain that lights up for my mom. They even have a little "musem" showing the history of Nintendo, and they had a WORKING demo display of the Virtual Boy. FREAKIN' AWESOME.

Other than that, making more friends, and I started knitting up this hat to keep me warm during the morning work hours (no jackets with pockets or baggy clothing.). I didn't even make a progress bar for it because I'm pretty much done with it.

*conks out on keyboard during class*
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Work was fun today. Made some friends, and learned the inner-workings of a Wii. I'm excited to see what else I can learn to do, and am very interested as to what kind of deals I can get.

Only downside is finding strange things that people leave in their cd drive to break their Wii. I found a shard of glass today. Interested to see what I find tomorrow.

Energetic, happy coworkers, lots and lots of gamesystems, and no customers to talk to. I'm in heaven.
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I went to the library yesterday and checked out every single book on parrots; about 16-17 for my mom. I found one book that talks about that even though your bird might bite you, that doesn't mean he doesn't like you. She felt a bit better and is looking through how to calm this bad boy of a bird down.

I ended up closing the Salon tonight, and was able to bring him out of the cage without any biting. I let him play in the front for a while before putting him to bed. He's so cute when he' s settling down for the night. He mutters a whole lot! Most of it is intelligible, but some words are recognized.

I also have to give props out to my hubby in this post. He is trading with the nail lady in home computer work so that I can get nails again! They are blue sparkle tips with gold lines. Very fun! I'd been holding off getting them done again because it gets so expensive and my nails get tender.

heh, forgot to mention... my mom turned 60 on wednesday! We took the BBQ down to the salon wednesday night and did a lunch bbq for her birthday on thursday. It was a blast, except for when a token "someone" (will not name names) complained first they couldn't see the tv in the breakroom, then that we didn't have hot dog buns (when the hot dogs were not hers nor ours) and insulted my husband straight to his face.
But I digress... party was fun. Mom was happy, bird played outside.

Things aren't going as smoothly as I want, but it's better than the previous week.

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My mom has gotten tired with some of the part time receptionists tanning in any bed they want, so she decided to cut down on what beds they can use for free, and how often.

Because of this, one of the receptionists quit on the spot before even coming into work. Now she's in a bind because there is no one to run the tanning salon. So now I'm getting paid under the table to run the salon.

It's not so bad, it's still pretty quiet there, and I have room to "projectize" and it's nice to have my mom for a boss... I just can't stand "the chatter"... y'know, the pointless chit-chat about "who did what to who", and other small talk to pass the time while stylists do hair.

Yes, I know I'm an ADD child and I rarely get into deep conversations, but these don't even make a scratch on the surface... BLECH!

Ah well, It keeps my mom's sanity in check, and I got paid today in the form of a pillow!

Ok, story time again... *makes Wayne's world flashback noise*

Back when my Dad was still around, one of the last Christmases I had with him, his girlfriend gave me this velvet-covered pillow, she gave it to me for TV viewing and snuggling because she had one like it at her house. After my dad passed away and her and I had a falling out, I threw out everything that reminded me of her EXCEPT for the pillow. It was snuggly, and I could punch it and chuck it across the room when I got mad, and it was just barely started to get lumpy from being mooshed so many times when my hubby said it was time to throw the pillow out. I'd had it for AT LEAST 8-9 years, if not longer! He said if I threw it out though, we'd find a better one to replace it. Besides, the inside pillowcase had felted into the outer case, so there was no way to rescue the outside, and it had started to smell musty/dusty.

After having dinner at IKEA (much less crazy here in WA than in UT :P), we went walking through the store, and I spied it! It was a round pillow with a strange appliqué on the front.

Here to demonstrate:

What this image on the front of the pillow is actually a prayer labyrinth that is on the floor in the Chartres Cathedral in France. I've walked on that labyrinth both times I went to France, and just having it nearby reminds me of fun times past, and it's SNUGGLY!!!

It's... my... precioussss.... I'd be snuggling it right now if it wasn't too big for me to hold AND work on my laptop at the same time.

Oh, and for picture-takin's sake, here's the back:

Tomorrow, work all day and finish knitting my laptop bag! I've been slacking in the knitting department :(

P.S. I spied this pattern for a denim quilt. I have to make two now... I think this would be a perfect picnic blanket, I just have to find some funky fabrics to put in the windows.
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Yay power is out at work!

Boo, we have a good generator!
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I show up at work today and get told that I have to move for new employees and that I'm getting a new sup.

wtf? I'm only here 2 more weeks.

I just find it funny that they pay me for 30-45 minutes to be in meeting to move all my stuff temporarily.
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I put in my two weeks today. It's finally starting to feel real that I'm REALLY moving back home....

After the whole sickness thing, I had a meeting with my supervisor, and they tried to intimidate me with the whole "you should have been fired because of your points, but I'm sticking my neck out for you"

I have one word: bullshit.

I had documented proof (not to mention a big freakin' bruise on my ass from getting a shot), that this was out of my control, and it was bad enough to consider going to the E.R.

Instead of going over metrics and what I need to improve, I just told them it's not worth trying to put fear in me, this is my two week's notice.

They also said because of the point that was added on because of my emergency, that they'll refuse to transfer me to another location as well.

This company is REALLY not in the business to keep it's employees.

I'm going to have sooooooooo much fun in my exit interview. It will definitely torch some bridges.
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I won play dough at work today.

It smells like plastic.

It's now all over my wedding ring.

Oh! and I got a giftcard and two free movie tickets too.

Date time!


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