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I feel angry because I feel pushed aside in this house. My mom doesn't, but still having issues with my stepfather. He is slowly starting to warm up. Jake has helped me to stay calm when Eric starts to criticize.

We did go out in the yard today and mow/prune/weed/etc. I don't remember it being so much fun. I even had time to help get dinner ready and finish the quilt for my new baby niece who SHOULD be born tomorrow afternoon sometime...

Sorry I'm kinda all over the place with my post, just so much to say and the hamster running in the wheel in my head is not going fast enough.

Mom already got me some pre-birthday presents. A plastic drawer thingy to hold knitting/sewing stuff, and 6 yards of denim fabric *faints* I guess I WILL have to make that blanket then! Next one made will be all for myself though.

Oh, I finally found a home for the knitted blanket I posted about over a month ago. I gave it to a good friend of mine who is in her last few days of battling cancer. I'll post more about it later. Just wanted to pop on and say "hello!"

So... "hello!"

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My mom has gotten tired with some of the part time receptionists tanning in any bed they want, so she decided to cut down on what beds they can use for free, and how often.

Because of this, one of the receptionists quit on the spot before even coming into work. Now she's in a bind because there is no one to run the tanning salon. So now I'm getting paid under the table to run the salon.

It's not so bad, it's still pretty quiet there, and I have room to "projectize" and it's nice to have my mom for a boss... I just can't stand "the chatter"... y'know, the pointless chit-chat about "who did what to who", and other small talk to pass the time while stylists do hair.

Yes, I know I'm an ADD child and I rarely get into deep conversations, but these don't even make a scratch on the surface... BLECH!

Ah well, It keeps my mom's sanity in check, and I got paid today in the form of a pillow!

Ok, story time again... *makes Wayne's world flashback noise*

Back when my Dad was still around, one of the last Christmases I had with him, his girlfriend gave me this velvet-covered pillow, she gave it to me for TV viewing and snuggling because she had one like it at her house. After my dad passed away and her and I had a falling out, I threw out everything that reminded me of her EXCEPT for the pillow. It was snuggly, and I could punch it and chuck it across the room when I got mad, and it was just barely started to get lumpy from being mooshed so many times when my hubby said it was time to throw the pillow out. I'd had it for AT LEAST 8-9 years, if not longer! He said if I threw it out though, we'd find a better one to replace it. Besides, the inside pillowcase had felted into the outer case, so there was no way to rescue the outside, and it had started to smell musty/dusty.

After having dinner at IKEA (much less crazy here in WA than in UT :P), we went walking through the store, and I spied it! It was a round pillow with a strange appliqué on the front.

Here to demonstrate:

What this image on the front of the pillow is actually a prayer labyrinth that is on the floor in the Chartres Cathedral in France. I've walked on that labyrinth both times I went to France, and just having it nearby reminds me of fun times past, and it's SNUGGLY!!!

It's... my... precioussss.... I'd be snuggling it right now if it wasn't too big for me to hold AND work on my laptop at the same time.

Oh, and for picture-takin's sake, here's the back:

Tomorrow, work all day and finish knitting my laptop bag! I've been slacking in the knitting department :(

P.S. I spied this pattern for a denim quilt. I have to make two now... I think this would be a perfect picnic blanket, I just have to find some funky fabrics to put in the windows.
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I started on another project... *holds hands out for slapping*

I was going through some boxes in storage to toss old stuff out and make room for new stuffs and whatnot, and came across a box filled with all of my old girl scout patches. Even though I do still have some nasty memories of being in my troop, but fond memories of being with my dad (he went on all the camping trips with us) makes them important.

I'm currently taking all the patches off of my uniforms, and will be sewing them onto squares of denim (denim will be acquired while "treasure hunting" at the local Good Will), and then all will be assembled together to make my first quilt.

After dating a guy a few years back, I always remembered the denim quilt he had that I stole every time that felt so good, not because it was warm, but because it was heavy.

I will also be using the fabric from my old uniforms by cutting them into strips and using them in the border of my quilt. That way everything stays together!

And! I'm taking my mom on the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop next week. If you go to 16 stores you get to enter into a drawing for a sewing machine....

I'm such a dork.


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