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I went to the library yesterday and checked out every single book on parrots; about 16-17 for my mom. I found one book that talks about that even though your bird might bite you, that doesn't mean he doesn't like you. She felt a bit better and is looking through how to calm this bad boy of a bird down.

I ended up closing the Salon tonight, and was able to bring him out of the cage without any biting. I let him play in the front for a while before putting him to bed. He's so cute when he' s settling down for the night. He mutters a whole lot! Most of it is intelligible, but some words are recognized.

I also have to give props out to my hubby in this post. He is trading with the nail lady in home computer work so that I can get nails again! They are blue sparkle tips with gold lines. Very fun! I'd been holding off getting them done again because it gets so expensive and my nails get tender.

heh, forgot to mention... my mom turned 60 on wednesday! We took the BBQ down to the salon wednesday night and did a lunch bbq for her birthday on thursday. It was a blast, except for when a token "someone" (will not name names) complained first they couldn't see the tv in the breakroom, then that we didn't have hot dog buns (when the hot dogs were not hers nor ours) and insulted my husband straight to his face.
But I digress... party was fun. Mom was happy, bird played outside.

Things aren't going as smoothly as I want, but it's better than the previous week.

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I forgot to mention that Tango showed up at the Salon two days ago.

We found out the real reason why his previous owner was giving him up without asking for any money. He is a belligerent turkey.

He bites, screams, and tears everything apart. The only person he's been nice to has been my husband, mainly, I think, because his first owner for nearly 6 years was a man.

He's nice to me, for the most part, but my mom has bloody bites all over her hands. She cries a lot and says that he hates her. I think he just needs some time to adjust.

I've been also reading up a lot on parrot psychology and training, so I am hoping that I can help calm him down into a happy, quiet bird.

Oh... he also called a customer a "little f***er" yesterday, luckily she didn't catch it.

P.S. I do have pictures from our Seattle visit, but they are with the hubby. When I can get them from him I PROMISE I will post. Much cool stuff!
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The peace that we've experienced in this house will end... sometime next week.

My mom decided to still take Tango. He's going to live at the house sunday and monday, and go to work and hang out at the salon tuesday-saturday.

She asked me if I would be willing to work evenings since a lot of the girls that work for her are starting to go back to school. That means I'd get to play with him all evening.

I have to pretend that I'm not planning things (like taking him with me to pick up dinner at the pony keg to see if we can score him some fruit.) because she has YET to tell Erkki that she's said yes.

As soon as he finds out, all hell's gonna break loose.

At least it's not my fault. :P


P.S. and if things don't pan out with him at the salon, my hubby has already claimed him to be one of our family. *jumps up and down giddy in secret*


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